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Minutes September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

The Enterprise City Council met in special session on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.   Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Jenni Word, Larry Christman, Laura Miller, Stacie Karvoski; Staff Denine Rautenstrauch, Ronnie Neil, Michele Young, Lacey McQuead.

Absent:            Councilors Tim Parks and Bill Coffin;

Guests:            Paige Sully, Wendy Stuart, Mory Bunn, Troy Farwell, Mike Berry, Eric Greenwell.


Councilor Miller made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to approve the August 11, 2014 Council minutes. Motion passed unanimously.


City Engineering Contract with Anderson Perry. Michele presented the contract and stated Staff had no issues with the proposal. Roland did not feel the Council should approve the contract. The City should have recourse if our Engineer was involved in approving a design for a development and it later had a failure. After discussion Roland stated he would come back next month with a recommendation. No action taken

Municipal Court –

Councilor Karvoski stated that there were some issues with what was left in Municipal Court and emails were sent out. Councilor Karvoski stated they met with Paige Sully and she will come in on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month to check her mail. Michele stated that she provided a copy of a letter that Paige Sully had emailed her to all councilors. Michele had not actually read it yet. Councilor Karvoski stated that Municipal Court is pretty much done, she thinks there is only 1 person that is still on a payment plan. The only thing Paige will need to do is reinstate licenses for those that had their licenses suspended.

Roland stated that we abolished municipal court. We then determined that we did need have Paige actually perform the duties of Municipal Judge for those types of outstanding items. Roland stated that we never wrote a Resolution that provided for the final operations of Municipal Court. Roland stated that he would have that for the next meeting.


Alpenfest – Chuck Anderson submitted a written request for an event permit for Alpenfest. Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Troy Farwell, representing the football boosters requested the city to approve having the north end on South Street reserved for handicapped parking during football season. They will sign it but they would like permission to do this. Mayor Shaw thought these could be temporary sign during football seasons. Councilor Christman made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to approve the handicapped signs. Motion passed unanimously. Troy stated they are

working on building a new field-house on the SE corner. This is something that will be worked toward in the future, probably two years out.


FISHTRAP – Eric Greenwell introduced himself stated that he just started 3 weeks ago. He thanked everyone for hearing his request. It is for the Big Read – Into the Beautiful North is the book they will be reading. The author lives here and has agreed to be part of the finale. The kickoff is a Mexican fiesta. They requested $2000.

Wallowa Valley Ice Rink – Michael Berry thanked the council for their past support. Mike stated that the park has been leveled, sprinkler system put in, grass seed done. Councilor Christman asked if the ice rink is going in the new location this year. Michael stated they are hoping it will. It just depends on the grass. They requested $2000.

WINTERFEST – Wendy Stuart – Wendy thanked the Council for their past support. She stated that Donnie Swart puts up the Christmas lights. They estimate about 350 people attend Winterfest. Wendy has a goal to raise funds to light up the courthouse lawn and make it much more festive.   They are requesting $2000.

Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race – Paige Sully presented their application. This will be their 11 year. They received a grant from Soroptimist for the youth education. Paige stated they do the vet checks in all of the cities, they are requesting $400.

GEMS PA SYSTEM – Maury Bunn presented this grant application. What brought this to their attention was the recent car show. We had some negative comments regarding what the announcer was saying. This came up at the Bowlby Bash as well. Jay Connolly is going to put together a quote, this quote will double the amount of speakers. They will be going to the county as well.

Michele asked if they were going to continue the music downtown, with the added speakers they may want to make some kind of plan on the sound of that. Maury stated that he didn't know anything about that, he is just working on the speakers. They are requesting $2000.


Public Works:

Ronnie Neil reported the park was hydro-seeded on Sunday. The sprinkler system is in and running. The storm drain was installed in the alley between the Fire Hall and the EM&M. The owners of the EM&M building paid for ½ of the costs.

Main Street was chip-sealed today. It will be closed until tomorrow morning.

Water System – Ronnie and Troy Baker will meet tomorrow. He provided the council with options for upgrading Well No. 1 pump. Councilor Christman felt that we should go with the

recommendation of the City Engineer. Ronnie stated we have a budget of $205,000.00, this upgrade is estimated at $130,000.00

If funds are available Ronnie would like to replace the old valve at the reservoir. This project has 52 replacement hydrants and 73 new ones.


Denine had no updates


Paul Karvoski stated they had 20 calls in 2 ½ months. Since they had the Elks fire they feel it is time to replace the 1974 LaFrance. Paul stated that we keep getting denied on our grant applications. It is the main city pumper and is not reliable. Paul found a replacement, a 1993 with 31,000 miles/2300 engine hours. It is in Pennsylvania. This truck is $50,000, newer used ones are $250,000 to $320,000. We could get rid of our two tenders and replace them with 2 new used tenders and finance those. We probably wouldn’t exceed $150,000 for those. Tom Clevenger will fly back to PA and give us his recommendation. It will cost $5875 to ship the truck here. Councilor Christman asked what chassis, Paul stated it has a Spartan chassis . Paul stated that it will cost an additional $9800 for equipment replacement. Stan Pratt was the truck engineer and he speaks very highly of this truck. Paul stated the price began at $58,000, we are down to $50,000. Paul will try to get it down to $48,000. Councilor Miller asked how long Paul has been looking, Paul stated 3-4 months. Councilor Christman asked if our truck has any value, Paul stated Baker rural may use it for parts.  

Michele stated that is has been past practice on used vehicles that we write a resolution to do an emergency purchase. Roland was unsure of that but felt Michele was probably correct.

Councilor Christman made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion to approve sending Tom Clevenger to Pennsylvania to look at the truck. Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Christman made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to approve the purchase price not to exceed $50,000 with the additional $5,875 for shipping. Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Christman asked how we did on renting out our truck to State Forestry. Paul thinks the truck made $1800.


Michele had nothing to add.


Councilor Miller asked that we take Roll Call for the record. All Councilor and staff stated their names for the record.

Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm.


                                                                        Margie Shaw, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder