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Minutes June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, June 9, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Larry Christman, Stacey Karvoski, Laura Miller, Jenni Word, Tim Parks, Bill Coffin; City Staff Denine Rautenstrauch, Ronnie Neil, Michele Young, Wes Kilgore.

Guests:  Tip & Ruth Proctor, Linda Holliday, Patty Tarabochia, Jeanne Vice, Wendy Quinby, Frances Wingo, John Vice, Brent Wydrinski, Toni Leech, Mel Davis.

Press: Rob Ruth of the Wallowa County Chieftain


Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the May 12 & 22, 2014 meeting minutes,  Councilor Karvoski asked to have discussion on sewer rate increase to be added.  Councilor Word seconded the motion with the added agenda item, motion passed with 6 in favor and Councilor Karvoski abstaining since she was not at the meetings.


Brent Wydrinski presented a proposal asking that he provide movies in the city park for kids.  He has the equipment.  His idea is to project it on the fence at the tennis courts, project the movie and noise toward that direction.

He is wanting to show PG movies for middle school kids and families.  The age group would be about  2nd through 5th grade kids.  He would show it 3-4 times during the summer. 

Councilor Coffin made a motion to approve his request for showing movies in the city park, Councilor Christman seconded.  Councilor Miller amended the motion to notify the  tennis court  assoc. and affected neighbors and if approved move forward.  Amendment approved and motion passed unanimously.


Civil penalties ordinance tabled.

Municipal Court –Councilor Karvoski stated that Paige is willing to handle Municipal Court cases on a case by case basis to finish up and will help with drivers licenses that have been suspended.  It was felt that in order for her to continue in that capacity however we need to keep her appointment as Municipal Judge.  Councilor Christman made a motion to retain Paige Sully as Municipal Court Judge on a case by case basis and we will be billed per incident.  Councilor Miller seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Dog Ordinance – Wes and Roland reported on what action has been taken so far on the  Quinby property.  Wendy Quinby stated that no one came to her house and checked out her situation.  She does not have 6 dogs.  She stated that no officer has ever come to her house prior to June 3rd. 

Mel Davis stated over the last month they have done real good, been taking care of them.  He knows they had 6 dogs in the past.

Roland stated that if she wants a review, they could schedule a meeting  for that purpose and she could bring her witnesses and it could be reviewed in an orderly fashion.  It would be useful if we proceeded that way.   Wendy wanted to proceed talking about it now.

Wendy stated that she has 4 dogs, 1 black lab, Australian shepherd, mini aussi, and an Australian cattle dog.  Councilor Coffin drove by the property a week ago and found that they had cleaned it up pretty good.   Councilor Christman stated that we need to monitor this and if it gets any worse we should act on it.

Ronnie Neil removed himself from the Council seating and went out into the guest seating area.  Ronnie stated that he did go talk with her before all of this happened. Then the neighbors all visited with her husband again.   Ronnie stated that his issue is the smell and he has voiced that to her before. Ronnie has not had a drift in it for two weeks.  They tried to handle it neighborly.

Wendy stated that she never complained about Ronnie’s dogs and she never complained about anyone else.

Ruth Proctor stated that she is the one who presented the letter to the city council last month.  At the time she wrote the letter the yard was full of feces and when the weather warms up the odor gets bad.  Ruth stated that she is sorry it has come to this. 

Frances Wingo stated that she witnessed Mr. Proctor threatening Wendy's dogs.  Jeanie Vice stated there has been several people witnessing Mr. Proctor threatening the dog and that is why they bark at Mr. Proctor.  Jeannie asked who had witnessed the lot.  Wes stated that Officer Bloker came on May 1.

Councilor Coffin stated that this has gotten out of hand, feces need to be cleaned up and odor be monitored by the Chief of Police. 

Jeannie stated they have done their research regarding the amount of adult dogs that can be kept on one property, no one in the state of Oregon limits the number of dogs you can have.

Roland stated that if the Council wants to monitor the parcel that they would have to withdraw the notice and the owner agree to keep the feces clean and the odor down. 

John Vice stated that he does believe they have cleaned it up  and recommended that they talk to the adults, not the children.  Someone needs to talk to them about this and not just park outside of the house.  That is the most important thing, they want to comply and do what is right.  Go to the source and make yourself known to them and everything will be alright. 

Ronnie stated he did do that as a neighbor, John stated that people let their dogs run.  John stated that he will help them clean up the lot.  Ronnie stated that he lives so close that he cannot enjoy his own property and he just asked that it be cleaned up. 

Chief Kilgore was directed to withdraw the letter and monitor on a weekly basis the condition of the parcel.  That he will let them know when he is there by coming to their door.  Wes will monitor it for a month and report back.

Michele presented Resolution No. 582, Adopting Enterprise's Representation in the Updates to the Northeast Oregon Regional natural Hazards Mitigation plan.   Michele stated it did not get approved last month because Roland and Laura wanted to read the County Plan.  Michele did finally get a link for them to read it from and sent the information out to everyone last week.  Michele stated that the County has been in the process of updating the Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.  Michele asked to have Enterprise be a part of that plan so that we would be eligible for funding to help do needed improvements to mitigate hazards in Enterprise. An example would be the water draining off of the hill above town like it did this spring.  This is not a contract and does not obligate the city financially. Councilor Coffin made a motion to approve Resolution No. 582, Councilor Christman seconded the motion.  Motion passed with 6 in favor and Councilor Miller opposing stating the document is over 700 pages long and she has not had enough time to read it. 

Michele presented the Council with a Action request form recommending that we appoint Roland Johnson as City Attorney for the next 3 years and that we then proceed with negotiating a fee based contract with him  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to appoint Roland Johnson as City Attorney for the next three years and that the Executive Committee negotiate a Fee based contract.  Motion passed unanimously with 6 in favor and Councilor Miller abstaining since she is employed by Roland Johnson.



Mayor Shaw asked that everyone fill out their top four LOC Policy Committee Legislative Recommendations and turn them in to Michele.  She can tally it up and send it in. 


Mayor Shaw asked Councilor Karvoski what she wanted to discuss on Sewer Rates.  Councilor Karvoski stated that there was discussion during the Budget Hearing and she felt it needed to be discussed.  Councilor Karvoski asked Michele what she was recommending the rates to be increased by.  Michele stated that last year the council asked her to put together a spread sheet to give the council options on raising rates to recover the revenue loss from the rate adjustment the Council adopted two years ago.  Michele stated the Council approve a $2.00 increase last year.  She is recommending that we raise .50 cents or .75 cents each year until we get caught up to where we were.  Michele stated that we are having to transfer $90,000 from the Sewer Capital Improvement Fund just to balance and operate  There is no more cutting in the Sewer fund.  Michele reminded the Council that we have a very large debt we have to make payments on and operating a wastewater treatment plant is not cheap to operate.  Michele stated the electric bill on the plant itself is over $50,000 per year.

Councilor Chrisman stated we should increase $1.00.  it is going to get there anyway and people will complain anyway.  Councilor Laura Miller felt it might be hard for the public to swallow.  Councilor Christman made a motion and Councilor Parks seconded the motion to increase sewer rates by $1.00 which passed with 4 in favor and Councilors Karvoski, Word and Miller opposing.  Motion passed


Wes had nothing to report.

Denine had nothing to add from her written report.

Ronnie updated the council on the progress of the water project.  They have been marking streets for Anderson Perry.  They have done site location work for the reservoir, 3985 feet elevation for new one.  They are looking at different tank styles for our reservoir. 

Michele presented to the council a conceptual design for the corner lot the city owns.  Michele stated the business's are wanting some type of signage for downtown and she is trying to come up with something we can afford and dress up the corner.   Michele proposed putting planters around the front of the property and then put a sign large enough for vehicle passengers to see.  The sign would read "Welcome to Historic Downtown Enterprise"   This sign is not meant to compete with the sign being proposed on the hill but to complement it and remind people they are downtown.  Michele has talked to Melissa Duncan so far about it.  The Council liked the proposal but directed Michele to talk with Jerry Hayes about a sign and bring back a cost estimate.

Michele asked the City Council if they would consider dedicating the Enterprise Municipal Airport.  Councilor Coffin thought "Stangel Field" would be a good name, Michele stated that was exactly what she was thinking as well.  The Council asked Michele to research this and see what if anything we have to do with the State on the airport name.

Roland felt we needed a motion to withdraw the letter to Quinby's as time is clicking.  Roland stated the council decided they would like to withdraw the action taken and we would monitor it.  After discussion Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to withdraw the notice and monitor it weekly until we are convinced that the Quinby's are going to follow through with it.   Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Christman asked if anyone was maintaining the Solar Panels.  Ronnie stated they are not being maintained by anyone and we don't seem to know who the owner is and Lou Perry doesn't want anything to do with them.  Roland stated he would review the contract.  Councilor Christman asked if Michele had written a letter to Safeway regarding their plants.  Both Councilor Christman and Parks feel the bushes cause a hazard coming out of the Safeway Parking Lot.  Michele stated she had not but would get it done.

Denine stated the Doug Terry  memorial bench is in.

Mayor Shaw stated the Council will now go into Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(h) to consult with legal Counsel regarding current litigation.  Public Session closed.

Mayor Shaw re-opened the Public Session.   A Special meeting  will held on Monday 16th at 5:05p.m.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourn.


                                                                                    Margie Shaw, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder