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Minutes March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014,

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 7;30 P.M.  Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Jenni Word, Stacey Karvoski, Laura Miller, Larry Christman, Bill Coffin, Tim Parks; Staff Ronnie Neil, Denine Rautenstrauch, Michele Young

Guests:  Steve Lear, Beth Gibans, Sondra Lozier, Kathleen Ackley, Sue Wagner, Larry Wagner, Kathy Reynolds, Bill Ables, Janis Carper, Jack Conley, Bill Oliver, Susan Gilstrap, Amy Busch, Heidi Mulls, Andi Leuders, Doug Crow, Andy Crow.

Press: Katy Nesbitt, Rob Ruth

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call


No action taken


Mayor Shaw read a letter of apology from Klarissa Miller for vandalism at the Little League Field

Harold Marcum submitted an article from the Observer to prohibit feeding deer in the City ofUnion.



Mountain High Broncs:  Susan Gilstrap and Jack Conley presented.  They had approx. 750-1000 participants last year.  They will have Mike McBeth and 8 other National Bronc riders. They will have muttin busting this year.   Susan stated that the Hospital is a great beneficiary of this event.  They are now a   501C3/501C4.  They are classified as a non-profit event.  It is a one day event on June14 and they are requesting $2000.

GEMS – FLOWER PROJECT – Sue Wagner presented asking for funds to purchase flowers to enhance the beauty of our downtown area.  $2000

HELLS CANYON MULE DAYS  - Sondra Lozier  presented stating this is a 3 day event.  They have contributed $26,000 in scholarships for seniors.   They have had contestants from Canada for the last 3 years.  They contribute quite a bit back to the community.   They will have a cook off again this year.  She asked the Mayor to judge the quilt show.

WALLOWA RESOURCES – Amy Busch presented  their application, they put together the Family Watershed Festival.  She partners with the music alliance.  She stated they will be taking kids to the MaxvilleInterpretive Center and to the Mountains.  They had 480 people last year.

JUNIPER JAM MUSIC FESTIVAL – Janis Carper presented stating this will be the sixth year and they appreciate the funding from the city.  They are working on the lineup this year, it is a 1 day event.

COURTHOUSE CONCERT SERIES – This is the 10th year for Music Alliance, year 8 for this event.  They already have it booked for this summer.

GEMS – BOWLBY BASH:  Steve Lear presented the application stating Bowlby Bash is held on July 12th.  They are asking for $2,000.  This event started in year 2010, last year was considered to be the best they ever had.  They try to showcase our history and culture through tours, vendors, arts and crafts, activities for kids, soapbox derby and 3 on 3 basketball tournament.  The secret is having someone outside come in and drop some money and leave the rest to us.  They feel they have done a very good. 


Beth Gibans presented their application, she is also a vendor with Backyard gardens.   They have markets in both Enterprise and Joseph.   They are attempting to get more food and handmade crafts at the event.  They did get a grant from Joseph for their community event.

WALLOWALAND TRUST – Kathleen Ackley presented stating their event "Into the Wallowa" has been running since 2009.  This introduces people to 8 outings.  They will have lectures held in Enterprise.

ENTERPRISE ELKS LODGE – Doug Crow stated they are here for a first time event.  It is a car show event.  They are filling in the gap from the Joseph event that was canceled this summer, they are having it in August.  They are hoping to have as many as 200 vehicles.  They will be requesting street closures.  The weekend they chose is an open weekend for car shows.

W.V. COMMUNITY ICE RINK -  Andie Leuders and Bill Oliver stated they are requesting funds this year to level the site for the ice rink location.  They have raised $3,500, it will cost $10,000 to fill the new site in with fill.

W.V. Golf Assoc.- Bill Ables and Kathy Reynolds. presented asking for funds for equipment upgrades.  The Golf Course has been in operation for 90 years and they attract a lot of visitors.  They are requesting $2,000.



Mayor Shaw read Ordinance No. 574 by Title - An Ordinance Granting to Crystal Broadband Networks, Inc., a Franchise to stretch wires, cables and appurtenant structures over and under the streets and alleys of the City of Enterprise, Oregon, and to use the same as a Cable Television Plant subscription system for distribution to subscriber's residences, to Businesses, and to Public establishments.

Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion.  Michele conducted a Roll Call vote which passed unanimously.


Parks Committee:  A proposal has been reviewed with Donnie Rynearson for the  High school and Little League field concession stand.  They are in need of a new one and are proposing to build one upon the cities approval.   Councilor Christman stated the grill  in the old concession stand came from the Rim Rock Inn.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to approve the new concession stand, motion passed unanimously.

Police Committee:  Councilor Chrisman reported on the Thunder Rally Motorcycle event  They met with Gary Bethscheiber and he has requested a variance to allow music until midnight on the three nights of their event.   They will hold their music event inside the arena.  Councilor Karvoski was concerned about the traffic on Medical Parkway.  Councilor Christman felt if we start picking and choosing events we might as well shut the city down, our business's need the events.  Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion with 6 in favor and Councilor Karvoski opposing.

Farmers Market Committee: – Councilors Miller, Coffin and Shaw are the committee.  They need to meet to discuss parking options for the Farmers Market.  This was tabled until they meet.


All Departments submitted written reports of activities in their departments.


Ronnie stated regarding parks he received some quotes for resurfacing the playground area for chips.  It requires a 1 foot fill.  The price quotes received were  Playcraft Equip.  $13,795;  Rubber is $21,648; and

Cascade $16,820.  Ronnie stated that we are out of compliance.  After discussion Michele stated that maybe we need to use the CIS grant to help pay for this.   Michele stated that staff will put together a Capital Outlay Plan for the park.

Denine stated that the Battle of the Books is this Friday 7pm.  This is year 8 and the  MC for the event is Laura Miller.

Sondra stated this is national quilt week.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourn.


                                                                                                Margie Shaw, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin., Recorder