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Minutes May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, May 13, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Jennie Word, Stacey Karvoski, Bill Coffin, Tim Parks, Laura Miller and Larry Christman; Staff Denine Rautenstrauch, Ronnie Neil, George Kohlhepp and Michele Young; City Attorney Roland Johnson.

Guests: Toni Leach and Sondra Lozier

Press:  Kati Nesbit and Rob Ruth


Councilor Christman made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion approving the April 1, 8th and 22nd council meeting minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.

The Council did not have any questions regarding the April  2013 accounts payable report.





Mayor Shaw announced the winners of the   "IF I WERE MAYOR CONTEST:

  5TH Grader Tishrei Movich-Field won the LOC Poster contest

  6th Grader Sarah Bear won the Mayor=s award for the Poem contest

Mayor Shaw asked what would we like to give the winners of the poster and poem contest.  After discussion Councilor Christman made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion to award each of them $25.00.  Motion passed unanimously.  Mayor Shaw stated that she was going to present them the certificates and have a pizza party for them.  Everyone felt that was a good idea.


Ronnie Neil stated that he was approached by Russ McMartin from the County Road Dept.  They are about to begin work on Hurricane Creek Rd.  They are now going to begin at the end of the 1999 Hwy project by Biden Tippett's house.  They would like the City to agree to take over the maintenance of the section between Fish Hatchery Road to the Wallowa River Bridge.   If the city would agree to accept ownership they would start the paving at the intersection of Alamo Street clear to the WallowaRiverBridge.   Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Parks seconded the motion to authorize Ronnie to negotiate the agreement.


Mayor Shaw read Resolution 563 initiating street vacation proceedings for a portion of west Second Street.

Ronnie stated that the pad and bathroom will set back enough for a future 5= sidewalk.    Roland stated this will Vacate it back 5= from the sidewalk, this way the new sidewalk would be entirely in public right of way.     Councilor Miller made and Councilor Christman made a motion to approve Resolution No. 563 to vacate a portion of West Second Street on the city park side for the restroom project.  The motion passed unanimously.  This resolution initiates the process, it does not actually vacate it.


Ronnie reviewed with the council his competitive quotes for a new lawnmower. Ronnie reviewed and gave a recommendation to purchase a Tiger "0" turn mower.  The city of Vale has one of these, it is a municipal commercial mower.  The deck is a 7 gauge forged deck.  The mulcher on this one does not leave windrows.  The Grain Growers did not have one available for us to see.    The competitive bidders were:

Metroquip - Tiger  $10, 880

Pioneer West - Kubota -  $11,159

Pioneer West-  Cadet -$8,369

Grain  Growers - John Deere - $10,691

Hahn B Husqavarna   $8,757


Councilor Karvoski would prefer to see us buy locally but if they couldn't get us one to see that would make it hard.  Councilor Coffin wanted to know what the maintenance costs are.  Ronnie stated the one

we have is 25 years old.  We will use it for the airport and use the new one for the parks.  The new mower will save us a lot of time in mowing as you can mow a lot faster.

Councilor Miller moved to accept staff recommendation for Metroquip.  Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed 6 in favor, Councilor Coffin opposed.  Motion carried.


The Council continued the discussion from previous meetings on how to deal with the loss of revenue due to the new billing structure.  Councilor Christman moved to increase sewer rates 3%.  Councilor Word wanted to see what the increase would bring.   Councilor Karvoski wanted more information for the Budget Hearing.  Michele will provide a 2-5% rate structure spreadsheet for next weeks Budget Hearing.  Councilor Christman withdrew his motion.


Councilor Christman asked for a commitment from the council that we remain at our current rate at $300 per month for the cemetery.  Councilor Christman stated their new irrigation system will require a bond.  We need to support the cemetery.  After further discussion Councilor Miller made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to continue the rate of $300 per month for watering, for the months in use.  Motion passed unanimously.


Michele stated that our Facade Grant program requires the City Council to approve any Facade grant applications that are submitted from members of the Landmarks Commission Board.  The EM&M Associates owner Ralph Swinehart submitted a grant to finish up their window restoration project in the amount of  $8,828.   The Landmarks Commission is recommending approval.  Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to award the grant as recommended.  Motion passed unanimously.


Michele asked the Fire Dept. Committee to meet here on next Monday at 7am to meet regarding the parcel adjacent to our Fire Dept.   Committee members are Tim Parks, Bill Coffin and Margie Shaw.


POLICE : Chief Kilgore not present

LIBRARY : Denine thanked the council for the Employee of the quarter award.   It did do what it was meant to do, recognize the work that she does and she was very appreciative of that.

PUBLIC WORKS : Ronnie commented we have had electrical issues over the last few months at our Treatment Plant.  PP&L has denied our claim since we have had issues with our wiring.  Ronnie stated that we had to have some re-wiring work done and we're not sure what caused the wire chaffing that required it to be replaced.

Ronnie stated Roland has been working on the bids for the SPD’s.   At the city park we had tree care north come through town and trim trees.  He had Marty give an estimate to remove the 2 spruce trees at the park.  Other park issues  include Warde park brick replacement.  At the city park the wood chips need to be replaced.  Ronnie stated it is expensive and it is a huge liability for the kids to play in it.  Cascade Recreation is 16,820 and the Playcraft Direct out of Grants pass at $14,000.  Michele stated that we would put everything we could in the budget for park repairs.

ADMINISTRATION:  Michele submitted a written report that touched on having Anderson Perry have the information packet ready by the next council meeting to mail out to the public.  Michele stated that all Department Heads met recently and went through a Risk Management Assessment evaluation of the city.  It was designed to identify areas in the city that we as staff are aware of and to share with one another.   We are trying to be more proactive in identifying risks in the city.



Sondra Lozier brought up street cleaning stating the merchants hired someone to come in and clean streets and then the city came through with water and pushed all that dirt back against the curb.  She felt there should be a better way the city can clean streets.   Ronnie Neil stated that they have been cleaning streets the same way as long as he has been with the city and it is a process.  They have only washed the streets twice so far, it takes a while to get the dirt cleaned out.  He felt she should have let him know they hired someone.  Ronnie wanted the council to tell him whether they wanted him to clean the streets downtown or not.  After further discussion no action was taken.


Sondra complained about the tree cutting and felt the dead trees should have been removed.  Ronnie stated that they were asked to do that but it hasn't been done yet.


Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.




Margie Shaw, Mayor






Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder