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Special Meeting October 30, 2013

The Enterprise City Council met in special session on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 7:00 pm to discuss the public information outreach regarding the Water Project.

Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw, Councilors Larry Christman, Laura Miller, Stacey Karvoski, Jenni Word, Tim Parks, Bill Coffin; City Attorney Roland Johnson; City Admin. Michele Young.

Guests: Brandon Miller


Mayor Shaw opened the special meeting stating we were here to discuss how to proceed with getting the information out to the public regarding the Water Project. We have to try various methods to get to everyone.

Mayor Shaw, Councilors Laura Miller and Larry Christman, Ronnie Neil and Michele Young and City Attorney Roland Johnson met in LaGrande on Tuesday with Scott Fairley of the Regional Solutions Team from the Governor's Office, Bill Goss of the Oregon Water Authority, Tawni Bean with Infrastructure Finance (IFA) and Troy Baker. They discussed the State Requirements with Bill Goss for compliance, funding with Tawni and how to proceed with the Public in a way that helps them understand what the Council is facing.

After discussing the various issues the following assignments were given:

Councilor Miller will put together the draft editorial for the newspaper and then work on a mailer.

City Attorney Roland Johnson will get all of the information regarding what the cost would be to the public if we went out for a General Obligation Bond.

Councilor Word will do a presentation with Rotary.

Councilor's Miller and Karvoski will go to the High School and do a presentation to the students, probably Duff Pace's class.

Councilor Parks will do a presentation to the Lions Club

Councilor Coffin will do a presentation to the VFW Hall

Councilor Christman will do a presentation to the Community Connections Senior Meal Site.

The Council thanked Councilor Laura Miller for her hard work and Leadership on this project.

Our goal is to make sure people are getting the correct information.

The Council agreed to schedule two special Town Hall meetings on Wednesday, November 13th. The first one will be at 1pm and the second one will be at 6:30. Scott Fairley will facilitate the meeting.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourn.


Margie Shaw, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder