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Minutes 04-08-2019

City Council Meeting April 8, 2019

The Enterprise City Council held a work session for the purposes of discussing items between staff and council.

Mayor Karvoski opened up the public hearing for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 6:30PM. Those present; Mayor Karvoski, Council Members Jenni Word, Larry Christman, Micah Agnew, Chris Pritchard, Dave Elliott, Bruce Bliven. Staff present; Public Works Director Ronnie Neil, City Administrator Lacey McQuead, Fire Chief Paul Karvoski, Police Chief Joel Fish.

Guests: Ryan Oberhelman, Paul Spriggs-Flanders, Chuck Anderson, Camen Gurule, Jessica Keys.


Logo-New Business


Correction: Change the title of the church discussed in Handicap Parking to “Community Church” and clearly specify that the Diagonal Parking was not presented as a public hearing. Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the consent items, upon the corrections listed above. Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.  


Jessica Keys, representative from Jeff Merkley’s office stood an introduced herself and explained that she wanted to attend the council meeting to introduce herself to council and staff.  


Administrative Report: Lacey read from the report submitted prior to the meeting. No questions.

Fire Dept. Report: Paul stated that he submitted his report prior to the meeting. No questions.

Library Report: Denine is absent but presented her report prior to the meeting.

Police Dept. Report: Joel explained that he emailed the report prior to the meeting. He stated that he is still struggling with getting accurate stats from dispatch. Joel read from his report. Police, emailed report. Struggling with trying to get our numbers better. Took off 71 calls from the report. Joel stated that he attended and read at the Dr. Seuss reading day at the Elementary school. Mayor Karvoski explained that the Police Department participated in the mock Amber Alert at the hospital. No questions.

Public Works Department: Ronnie explained that Anderson Perry is working on the contract for the street project, which should go out for bid next week. Currently, the crew is replacing service lines across Greenwood Street and eliminating lines that went to vacant lots. Ronnie explained that Lacey advertised in the paper for the part-time park’s position and the interviews will take place the first of May. Ronnie stated that Dave Wilkie was awarded treatment plant operator of the year from the Oregon Associations of Water Utilities.

Ordinance No. 590

Mayor Karvoski read Ordinance No. 590, An Ordinance of the City of Enterprise Amending Chapters 3.10 and 3.16 of the Enterprise Municipal Code. Council Bliven asked about the dates the taxes are due. Lacey explained that it is listed in the Municipal Code. Council Agnew made a motion to approve Ordinance No. 590, contingent upon the deadlines for the tax payments being listed in the City of Enterprise Municipal Code. Council Word seconded the motion. Roll-Call Vote, motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Karvoski explained that we have received four applicants. She stated that there were six criteria used for scoring and that she and Lacey made a selection. However, we are not going to announce the winner until we know that the applicant has been notified of their award.


Lacey and Paul gave an update on progress. Lacey explained that the City Hall will be closed down for a week in May during the move.

CETRA Grant Decision:

Councilor Pritchard explained that the Motel Tax Committee reviewed the applications submitted to the Motel Tax Grants. There was concern about awarding the amount requested for Alpenfest. Councilor Word asked what the rules stated. Micah explained that since the majority of the event takes place outside the City Limits, there are restrictions on what can be awarded. Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve the Motel Tax Grants as recommended the Motel Tax Committee. Mayor Karvoski asked for further discussion. Councilor Christman stated that while they might not spend all of their time in Enterprise, they bring in revenue for the hotels and motels, as well as restaurants and businesses. Applicant, Chuck Anderson stated that he would like them to reconsider granting the full amount since they only submitted the application for the portion that was inside the City Limits. He explained that they will not be able to completely cover the cost of the performers for the portion of the event that takes place at Terminal Gravity. Councilor Pritchard asked to amend his motion to approve the committee recommendation to award the $2,000 for all grant applications except Alpenfest and approve a grant award to Alpenfest in the amount of $1,500 contingent that they qualify for that amount according the Enterprise Municipal Code. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Ryan Oberhelman stated that this year they were able to put a chain linked fence around the ice rink and bring a shed to the location for skate rentals and storage. He stated that they placed the shed on the lawn near the ice rink and they are now requesting that location be a permanent location for the shed. Ronnie explained that we have a project coming through on Greenwood and Second Street and that he worries it will be in the way. Ronnie also explained that the shed sits close to one of the sprinklers. He would like them to move it this year and once the project is complete and we know exactly where the sprinklers are at, we can discuss the idea of the shed becoming permanent. Ronnie stated he would be willing to have an area available behind the locked gate at Public Works for the storage of the shed through the summer. The Council asked about the cost to move the shed. Ryan explained that they do not have the equipment to move the shed, so renting the equipment would be a huge expense. The council stated that it would not be best to have the shed there this summer, especially with the SCA Grant Project taking place, but would give them the time they need (as long as it is moved by the start of the grant project) to get assistance with moving the shed.


Lacey explained that there are two options for the new City logo. The first being the Courthouse Logo submitted during the contest and the second the Mountain Logo edited by Councilor Agnew. Mayor Karvoski asked for a vote. The Mountain Logo was selected. Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve the Mountain Logo for the new City of Enterprise logo. Councilor Elliott seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


May 13th, 2019.

With no further business, meeting adjourned.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, City Administrator