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Minutes 03-11-2019

City Council Meeting - March 11, 2019

The Enterprise City Council held a work session for the purposes of discussing items between staff and council.

Mayor Karvoski opened up the public hearing for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 6:30PM. Those present; Mayor Karvoski, Council Members Jenni Word, Larry Christman, Micah Agnew, Chris Pritchard, Dave Elliott. Staff present; Public Works Director Ronnie Neil, City Administrator Lacey McQuead, Fire Chief Paul Karvoski, Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch, Police Chief Joel Fish.

Guests present; Paul Flanders, Rick Bombaci, Ralph Swinehart, Paige Sully, Jeff Greene, Dan Ousley, Michael Straw, Bob Both, Gay Behnke, Jane Both, Frank Helderman, Chuck Anderson, Carmen Gurule, Richard Hobbs, Kathleen Bennet, Maury Bunn, Candy Bunn, Lee Daggett, Carolyn Lockert, Darrell Brann, Julia Zeise, Elaine Winslow, Janice Tippett, Jessica Tomasini, Jason Dingeldein, Sara Crawford, Michael Cooler, Wendy McCullouh, David Brunkow, Mike Koloski, Linda Koloski, Janis Carper, Kelly McDonald, Jeff Fields, Dana Nave, Heidi Schmulz, Kris Naisbitt, Lisa Robertson, Robert Webb, Dennis Smith, Erin Donovan, Rob Taylor, Terry Decker, Richard Wandschneider.


Councilor Christman asked for parking access to be added to the agenda under new business.

Mayor Karvoski added diagonal parking to the already listed “planning recommendation.”


Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve the consent items, February 2019 Council Minutes and Accounts Payable register. Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Karvoski announced that she will allow for citizen comments in regards to the diagonal parking during new business.

No comments.


City Administrator Lacey McQuead- submitted report to council prior to the meeting. No questions or comments.

Fire Chief Paul Karvoski- submitted report to council prior to the meeting. No questions or comments.

Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch- submitted report prior to the meeting. Would like to add to the report; donations received during the Christmas season helped the library purchase new shelving for the children’s section, as well as some new non-fiction children’s books. Denine stated that she was applying for more funds through the Pelco Grant, a matching grant, in which the Soroptimist has agreed to help match. She explained that in regards to her charts, this was the first month that we did not show more circulation than in past years since the closing of the County Library. She is interested to see what March shows. Councilor Elliott stated that it was interesting to him to see a couple card holders that were not residents of Enterprise. Denine explained that some people who visit during summer, for example camp hosts, hold cards so that they are able to check out books while here. No further comments or questions.

Police Chief Joel Fish- submitted report prior to the meeting. February was busy and it is good to have everyone back to work.  

Public Works Director Ronnie Neil- during the past month, the public works crew has been working to remove snow. They have put more hours into snow removal and plowing than in the other winter months combined. Mayor Karvoski pointed out that the public works crew has done a phenomenal job and the council is very appreciative of the efforts.

Ordinance No. 589-Volunteer Fire Department

Mayor Karvoski read Ordinance No. 589 as presented to the Council. Councilor Pritchard stated that for the record the Fire Committee had a meeting with the fireman who seemed to be in support of the decision to move forward. Councilor Elliott applauded the fireman for all of their efforts and noted how great of a fire crew the City of Enterprise has.

Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve Ordinance No. 589, an ordinance amending chapter 2.08 of the Enterprise Municipal Code and Ordinance No. 205. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Roll-call Vote: Mayor Karvoski abstained, remaining council members all in favor, motion passed unanimously.


Lacey explained the budget calendar adding the delay in meeting with the department managers due to the changes and increase announcements with CIS. She informed the council that she will begin meeting with them individually over the next couple weeks. No questions or concerns. Lacey explained that there was a new budget committee member needing approval from the council. That member was Brian Greer. She stated that last year he was asked if he was interested in serving on the budget committee and due to some delays that was never approved. This year, Brian showed interest after he was asked and we are now recommending he be appointed to a three year term on the Enterprise City Budget Committee, beginning immediately. Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve Brian Greet to serve on the Budget Committee effective immediately, for a three year term. Councilor Word seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.


Darrell Brann handed out flyers and a copy of the map, showing the streets that would need to be closed during the celebration. He explained his reasoning for the celebration, specifically the OK Theatre celebrating 100 years. Darrell gave some history on the Theatre and explained the year purchased and his intention upon purchasing the building. He explained the talent that would be performing during the celebration, the expectations of the Police Department and informed Chief Fish of his intention to hire private security for the event. Lacey explained that this was the same event she previously spoke about in regards to the 130th anniversary celebration of the City of Enterprise. Lacey explained that Gina will be submitting an event permit request in June for the event to take place in July. The council shared their excitement for the event.


Darrell Brann presented his application for the centennial event scheduled in July. He is requesting $2,000.00 to assist in the cost of the event.

Wallowa Resources, Jessica Tomasini presented her application for the Woodlands & Watershed Festival, a combination of the Maxville Heritage event and the Watershed Festival. She described the events that would take place during the festival, the activities for both the children who attend and adults. She stated that last year they beat their previous record of the amount of people attending. They are asking for the full amount of $2,000.00.

GEMS, Kris Naisbitt presented the CETRA grant for the Bowlby Bash. She described the schedule of events and announced that they were bringing back the derby race. She stated that they would be taking a little bit different route than last year for the parade. Mayor Karvoski asked for the date, Kris informed her that it was one day only, June 22nd.

GEMS, Maury Bunn presented the CETRA Grant application for the PA system. Maury explained the problems with the current system, including the inability to expand it further down Main Street. He described the new system and the capabilities it will have. Maury reviewed the anticipation of other funding, as well as the request from the City of Enterprise for $2,000.

Main Street Show & Shine, Doug Crow presented the CETRA Grant application for the Main Street Show and Shine. Doug explained that they were anticipating 100-130 participants this next year. Candy Bunn described the fundraising that takes place during the event, specifically the money raised for Meals on Wheels and the different scholarships awarded. They are asking for $2,000.00.

Alpenfest, Chuck Anderson presented the CETRA Grant application. He explained that they are asking for $1,500.00 which is needed more than ever. Chuck explained the unfortunate circumstance of losing the building next to the tram and the extra expense of renting a tent. His hope is that this City will award the amount they are asking so that they can have more available funds for the tent rental. Mayor Karvoski asked for the date- Chuck stated that the Enterprise event was on the 26th of September.  

Wallowa Valley Music Alliance-Courthouse Concert Series, Janice Carper presented the application for the CETRA Grant. She thanked the council for their continuous support. She explained that this is the 13th year and they already have a summer booked (minus a couple of spots that they have intentionally left open for anticipated musicians). She is asking for $2,000 for the event.  

Juniper Jam, Janis Carper presented the CETRA Grant for this event. Janis explained that they are in their 11th year. Last year was a big change in attendance and is looking up. She explained that his was the only music festival in Oregon with all original music. She is asking for the full amount of $2,000.

Mountain High Broncs and Bulls, Lee Daggett made the presentation for the CETRA Grant. Lee explained that they are in their 15th year and they are happy to announce that this will be the first year where they are not going to be charging admission. They will also be offering free admission to the concert provided on the last night of the event. He also announced the contracts with DirecTV and Dish Network, which means this year’s events will be televised. Lee explained that they are bringing in a jumbo tron that will be set up for approximately a week prior, advertising the events of the weekend. They are requesting the full $2,000. 


*Not a public hearing*

Rick Bombaci explained the reason for being before the City Council and presented his slide show showing the different options IOOF is recommending. He explained that they are asking the Enterprise City Council to approve one of the three options explained in the slide show (see slideshow attached). Rick explained the different events that take place at the IOOF Hall, as well as the reasons why some events can no longer take place there, due to ADA inaccessibility. Along with the allowance of ADA access, the ramp would also allow for an extra fire exit and an ADA accessible bathroom. Rick explained that the Planning Commission approved the application but due to the concerns that were raised, they would only approve it contingent upon the approval of diagonal parking in the parking lot for the Enterprise Library by the Enterprise City Council.

Rick described the dimensions for the subject property, including the 32 feet deep parking area and 20 foot wide alley. Rick then described the different options available according to the slideshow. During the slideshow, they showed pictures of other parking lots in Enterprise, including El Bajio parking and Department of Motor Vehicles parking (see slideshow attached for further pictures, including pictures showing members of IOOF pulling into and backing out of the subject parking area).

Rick explained that it is his personal observation that there is not a significant amount of traffic out of the Enterprise Library parking lot during the day. He explained that there has been a mock ramp layout against the building for the last couple weeks and when he witnessed vehicles pulling out of the parking area, he did not witness them having any issues.

Mayor Karvsoki read the three letters submitted prior to the meeting which included; a letter from Terry Decker in opposition of the ramp, a letter from Mike Koloski supporting the ramp and diagonal parking, and a letter from Kristy Athens supporting the diagonal parking.

Mayor Karvoski opened the floor for public comment.

                Kelly McDonald spoke about an accident she suffered a few years ago and her perspective on   the difficulties and amount of ADA inaccessibility in Wallowa County.

                Paige Sully read the letter she wrote prior to the council meeting.

                Paul Flanders stated his support of the change of the parking area and the amount of events     that could now be offered at the IOOF building. He also stated that he applauds the Oddfellows    for setting the goal of adding ADA access to the building.

Councilor Christman asked about a barrier being added and if the applicants felt it was necessary, stating his concern that if someone were to hit it, essentially it could be destroyed. Councilor Elliott agreed that if struck, the ADA ramp would not be able to withstand the impact. Ralph stated that they are happy to hear and consider any recommendations. Councilor Bliven stated that he does not believe they are in compliance with state law, as they are not asking for a parking space specific to their location, concerned that if someone parks in the handicap spot in the library parking lot, the area behind the parking is not controlled enough for them to walk across the alley.

Rick stated that they are not presuming someone will use the parking spot in the library parking area. They expect for the person needing to use the ramp, be dropped off in the alley and then they vehicle exit the alley to park.

Councilor Pritchard stated that he does not think it is a benefit to lose parking in the parking lot. Councilor Elliott shared his concern with emergency response vehicles being able to enter and exit the alley.

                Mike Straw stated that they are here to ask for an accommodation, to weigh the possible public                 benefit, and make available ADA access.

Councilor Elliott stated that it is not a question of whether or not access is needed. Everyone agrees that it is needed, but as City Council, it is our job to make sure it is done the correct way and something that is not going to set a standard around the City of Enterprise. He further stated that there has to be a better option and we need to figure out what that is. Mayor Karvoski stated her concerns for people trying to back out of the parking lot while others are coming into the parking lot to use the ramp. She shared her concerns for safety.

                Members of the audience shared their concerns with alleys being blocked, but still being             allowed to be used. Others commented on the benefit this approval would bring to the            community. An audience member spoke of the personal responsibility and accountability with        driving. People spoke of what kind of opportunity this would be to people who are unable to          attend events in this building, but would love the ability to go.

Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that she has spoken to quite a few people who are present. Denine stated that her concerns are not regarding parking but instead regarding accessibility. She stated that the applicants have presented something where there is not the space necessary to comply with the regulations. She urged them to make a strong plan. If you are doing this for accessibility then be realistic in what it will take to make this accessible. There are funds available for historic buildings and assistance in making them ADA accessible. Denine suggested coming up with a plan that is well thought out, with the research complete, knowing what the best option is.

                Ralph Swinehart informed the council that he spoke with the building official, who has allowed for a width of 36 inches from outside railing to outside railing. Denine stated that is not ADA    accessible, explaining that there is supposed to be 36 inches of clearance on the inside of the          ramp, otherwise you are not providing a ramp wide enough for carts and wheelchairs. Ralph               responded, stating that the regulations are more lenient when it comes to historic structures.

Councilor Elliott asked if putting a ramp on the front of the building has been considered. Ralph stated that it had, there is not enough room to meet the regulations and the idea of altering the outside of the building, the face of the IOOF Hall, is not appealing.

Mayor Karvoski asked for further comments. With no further comments, Councilor Pritchard made a motion to leave the parking area as it is and not allow for diagonal parking in the Enterprise Library parking lot. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed with a vote of 4-2 with Councilor Elliott not voting.

Applicants thanked the City Council for their time on this matter.


Lacey presented the council with the options for logos, two submitted during the competition and the number one pick off the Facebook vote. Darrell Brann asked if the Council has considered using the design used when the new City of Enterprise sign was made. Council stated that they have not. Councilor Agnew stated that in his opinion, we are getting closer, but he is not comfortable making a decision with the options presented. Darrell stated that he would look through his files and see if he can find the original design and give to the council for consideration. No decision made at this time.


Lacey informed the Council that she had recently been in contact with Wendy Stewart, who had asked if the City would be interested in taking on the responsibility of the cost of the flower baskets. Lacey is recommending to the City Council that funds be used from the Motel Tax Fund to pay for the flower baskets and that after speaking with Ronnie prior to the meeting, they have figured out a way to add the responsibility of watering and care to the part time parks person’s position. Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve taking on the responsibility of the flower baskets, including paying for them out of the Motel Tax Fund and adding the responsibility of the care to the duties of the part time park’s person. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Councilor Christman asked about handicap parking at the Community Church. Councilor Agnew stated that we need to figure out what is required before we allow for parking. Mayor Karvoski asked if Ronnie would mind looking into that and bringing a suggestion to next month’s council meeting.  Ronnie agreed.


Mayor Karvoski announced the Enterprise City Council will hold an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(f) to consider information of records that are exempt by law from public inspection. The City will re-open public session at the end of Executive Session. Public session is now closed.

Mayor Karvoski announced that the Executive Session is closed, Public Session is now open. Councilor Agnew made a motion to notify the contractor (Wellens Farwell) of the City’s intention to enforce Article 4.03 of the contract and expects the contractor to pay $1,000.00 per week beyond March 14th until Milestone No. 1 is complete. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


April 8th, 2019.

With no further business, meeting adjourned.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, City Administrator