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Minutes-November 5, 2018

City Council Meeting November 5, 2018

The Enterprise City Council held a work session from 7:00pm until 7:30pm for the purposes of discussing business between staff and council members.

Mayor Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 7:30pm. Those present were Mayor Stacey Karvoski, Councilors Chris Pritchard, Micah Agnew, and Larry Christman, Staff Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch, Ronnie Neil, and Joel Fish. City Attorney Wyatt Baum.

Guests present Jim Nave.

Press: Kathleen Ellen.

 Council Members absent, Jenni Word and Dave Elliott.

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Denine Rautenstrauch.


Moment of Reflection

Additions to the agenda

Christmas Light Funds


Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the October Payables and October Council Minutes. Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.




Ronnie Neil-Public Works Department: Ronnie stated that Maria Weer with Building Healthy Families came in last meeting and asked for signs marking the school zone and speed limit. He has ordered the signs, but they have not arrived. He plans on marking the cross-walk as explained at the last meeting, however they have decided to wait until spring to complete that. Ronnie explained that tomorrow night the Planning Commission will hear the staff recommendation for the Final Plat of the Sagewood Heights Subdivision. Once the Planning Commission approved the Final Plat, they will then make a recommendation to the City Council for final approval.

Mayor Karvoski read the Thank You card submitted by staff and Building Healthy Families. Denine stated that the two staff member from Building Healthy Families that attended last month’s meeting were both very impressed with the Enterprise City Council and the way that their request was handled. Council Agnew asked how we concluded to mark this a school zone. Chief Fish explained that laws that he read. He explained that because this is not on a state highway and school functions are administered at the location, it qualifies as a school zone.

Lacey McQuead-City Administration: Lacey explained that the Enterprise Airport Project is complete. The walk through took place last month and the final request for payment was just received from Enterprise Electric. Once approved by Anderson Perry, we will request final payment from the Oregon Department of Aviation. Lacey explained that immediately following October’s meeting, she signed the agreement with Ricoh for the new printing machine. However, upon delivery, one piece was broke, therefore they were waiting for the replacement part. Lacey stated that during the week of October 25th, City Auditor Teresa Hanford came and completed the audit. She stated that there would be a meeting with Teresa on November 8th to close out the audit. Lacey asked if any other council members would like to meet with her. She explained that Mayor Karvoski has a meeting set for that afternoon. Lacey explained to the council that Darren with Eide Bailly will be leaving at the end of November. They called him at the end of last week to assist in closing the end of the year. Lacey stated that she is proud to say last fiscal year is officially closed and we are ready to move forward. Lacey stated that the Enterprise Planning Commission will hear the Final Plat recommendation tomorrow night for the Sagewood Heights Subdivision. Upon approval from them, just as Ronnie previously explained, the City Council will be the final step to approval. Lacey explained that she will be sending out a Doodle-Poll to schedule a special meeting for the purposes of hearing the recommendation made by the Enterprise Planning Commission. Lacey stated that the Enterprise Landmarks Commission has not met in some time. She has a meeting set up with them for this Thursday, if everyone from the commission can make it. Lacey explained to the council that she received word regarding the Brownfield grant and the City has been awarded the full amount of $27,762. She stated that she would like to thank Denine for all her assistance with this grant. She truly appreciates the guidance through the process.

Paul Karvoski-Enterprise Fire Department: Paul was not present but submitted his report prior to the meeting.

Police Chief Joel Fish-Enterprise Police Department: Chief Fish read from his report. He explained that they are short handed right now. Chief announced that Officer Billman and his fiancé had a baby girl on October 31st. Chief Fish stated that Officer Curtis has successfully completed two years with the department.  

Police Chief read from his report. We are short handed right now so there is only 19 traffic stops. Cody had his daughter on October 31st and Jacob has completed his two years. (check to make sure that is really Jacob and not Cody).

Denine Rautenstrauch-Enterprise City Library: Denine stated that she submitted her report prior the meeting, but she wanted to take a moment to go over numbers. She explained that while the average is going to be less, there is an increase in numbers. Councilor Agnew asked how the weekend hours are working. Denine explained that Fridays are just as they expected, and Saturdays have been slow, however, Soroptimist was open this last Saturday and they had 65 patrons.  

Oregon Parks and Recreation Grant Agreement &

Wallowa County Athletic Network Grant Agreement:

Lacey asked City Attorney Wyatt Baum to explain the agreement. Wyatt went over the agreement with the Wallowa County Athletic Network (WCAN). Lacey explained to the council that there were two agreements involved in this discussion. The first agreement is with the State of Oregon Parks and Recreation and the second with WCAN. Lacey introduced Jim Nave. Jim explained that their goal is to complete this structure, but he wants the council to be confident in knowing they plan to work with the City in any way they can to make sure this project is successful.  Lacey explained that the Parks Committee recently met and reviewed this and asked Ronnie to explain their concerns. Councilor Pritchard stated that their main concern was user fees and if this was something that we could agree on in order to help with the added costs upon completion. Wyatt explained that it would be an agreement in the future once the project was complete. Lacey asked Wyatt if they had to follow, very specifically, the information submitted by the prior City Administrator when the grant application was completed. Wyatt stated that it would be difficult to not follow what the city said they would do upon completion of the project. Lacey explained to the council that once this project is complete, we will have to sit down with WCAN and come up with an agreement as to what the city will provide and what our expectations are of WCAN.

Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve the agreement between the City of Enterprise and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for OPRD Grant Number LG18-014 titled Enterprise Field Complex Improvement. Councilor Christman seconded the grant. Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Agnew asked about Section 9-B of the agreement between the City of Enterprise and WCAN. He explained that Section 9-B states that this will be the sole and only agreement. He asked if this will prevent us from a future agreement with WCAN for user fee costs, etc.? Wyatt explained that this agreement is for the construction part of the project. Any agreement following the completion, is something completely different. He stated that this was an integration clause not allowing for an addition to this agreement in regard to completion of the complex. Councilor Pritchard stated that any extra costs are not the responsibility of the City, correct? Lacey stated that they are. All the extra costs are on the City, as the City is primarily responsible for the grant. Wyatt explained that the State can come back on the City, but none of us believe that WCAN has any intention of being negligent with any part of this process. Jim explained that the goal is to satisfy the Oregon Parks and Recreation Grant. Jim stated that he was part of the first meeting between WCAN and the City with Lacey, Ronnie and Kate. He stated that after that meeting, he completely understands where the City’s concerns are. Lacey stated that she has no doubt this is an incredible group to work with and she fully believes WCAN will hold up their end of this project. Ronnie stated that he thinks this is an important project for our city and community.

Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve the agreement between the City of Enterprise and the Wallowa County Athletic Network, as written and submitted by City Attorney Wyatt Baum. Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion approved unanimously.


Lacey explained that at the October meeting, there was discussion about changing the time of the meetings to an earlier time. After that meeting, Lacey asked City Attorney Wyatt Baum to draft an ordinance amending Ordinance No. 564 setting the time for a council meeting. Ordinance No. 587 is that amended ordinance. Lacey explained that from her conversation with Wyatt Baum, they concluded that it would be best to not set a specific time in the ordinance but instead state that “each meeting shall be called to order at a time convenient for the Council and as set in the notice for each meeting.” Councilor Pritchard stated that he would like to move the meeting and work-session times up by one hour with the work-sessions starting at 6:00pm and the meeting starting at 6:30pm. Mayor Karvoski stated that she agreed, and if the meetings went a little longer than usual, it would be nice to be done around nine instead of ten. Councilor Agnew agreed. Councilor Pritchard asked to explain the concern Councilor Elliott shared at the last meeting. He stated that it was convenient for the citizens to hold the meeting later so that they were able to attend. Councilor Pritchard explained that his response to that concern would be that the citizens come for a specific reason, whether to hear a specific subject or to ask for funds. If they want to attend, they will, regardless whether the meeting begins at 6:00pm or 7:00pm. Councilor Christman said any time will work for him. Mayor Karvoski stated that one could argue that we might have more people in attendance because the meeting is not held so late. Councilor Pritchard stated moving it to 6:00pm still allows enough time for the city attorney to be present as well.

Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve Ordinance No. 587, amending Ordinance No. 564, removing the wording in the prior ordinance that lists a specific time for the council meetings and work-sessions to begin. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Councilor Pritchard stated that the work-sessions will begin at 6:00pm and council at 6:30pm unless otherwise noted. He asked if that would work for each Department Head. Ronnie, Denine, Joel and Lacey all agreed. No further discussion, roll-call vote, motion passed unanimously.


Ronnie explained that prior to the completion of the water project, there was an easement on the south side of the property where Melville is completing the subdivision. He explained that the water line from the spring to the reservoir went through that easement, but during the water project, they moved that line which now sits under the roadway. Ronnie stated that those water lines have been abandoned and no longer show on the maps. Lacey explained that upon reviewing the prior easement, they learned that it was not a requirement to pass a resolution, as it stated in the recorded easement that once it was no longer needed, the documents would become null and void. However, after discussion with Wyatt Baum, he recommended keeping it simple and passing a resolution that could be filed by the property owner.

Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve Resolution No. 639, Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion. Mayor Karvoski stated we have motion made and seconded to approve Resolution No. 639, a resolution of the City of Enterprise City Council authorizing the release of a section of the existing water easements located at 02S44E01, Tax Lot No. 200 on the South Side and north Side of the property and recorded in the Wallowa County records as Document No. 17164. No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.


Lacey explained that this year the City of Enterprise Administrative Office will be putting together the parade for the Winter Fest event. In past years, the City has provided trophy prizes for the winners of the parade. Lacey is proposing this year we give Buckskin Bucks for the parade first, second and third place prizes. She explained that she discussed this with City Auditor Teresa Hanford who stated that this would be acceptable, as this is an event that brings in tourist activities.

Lacey stated that earlier this year we discussed ways to help improve downtown. She would like to propose contributing to the Christmas lights decorations downtown. We have money in the Motel Tax Fund and since one of the main events for Enterprise happens this time of year, we are approved by the auditor to contribute to the decorations. Lacey is proposing $3,000.00 be spent for lights and decorations. Mayor Karvoski agreed that this is a big event for Enterprise and the city needs to be more involved in the event and assisting in making it successful. She explained that her and Councilor Word plan on dressing as elves for the event. Lacey stated that the next item associated with Winter Fest is the Mayors Stocking Giveaway. She explained that every year two girls and two boys are drawn for the entry’s completed when the kids visit Santa Land. This year, Lacey is proposing $200.00 for those gifts.

 Councilor Christman made a motion to approve a total of $3,350.00 spent on the following items for the Winter Fest Celebration:

$150.00 Parade Prize Buckskin Bucks ($75.00 1st Place, $50.00 2nd Place, $25.00 3rd Place)

$200.00 Mayors Giveaway from Santa Land entry’s

$3,000.00 for lights and decorations

Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.  


Lacey explained that every year the City of Enterprise gives Buckskin Bucks to the employees and volunteers of the City of Enterprise. She is asking approval from the Enterprise City Council to continue this. Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve the giving of Buckskin Bucks to all City Employees and City Volunteers. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion approved unanimously.


Mayor Karvoski announced the next City Council meeting is scheduled for December 10th, work-session to begin at 6:00pm and regular meeting to begin at 6:30pm.

No further business, meeting adjourned.

                                                                                __see council minute book #8 for signed original____

                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor


See council minute book #8 for signed original

Lacey McQuead, City Administrator