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Minutes June 11, 2018

City Council June 11, 2018

The Enterprise City Council held a Work session from 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for the purposes of discussing the following items between staff and council: increases in sewer revenues, a retirement plaque, quicker response time for calls involving Pacific Power, and logos and branding for the new City Hall/Fire Hall.

Mayor Stacey Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 7:30pm. Those present were Mayor Karvoski, Councilors Jenni Word, Ashley Sullivan, Micah Agnew, Chris Pritchard, Dave Elliott, Larry Christman; Staff Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch, Joel Fish, Ronnie Neil, and Paul Karvoski. Also present was City Engineer Brett Moore.

Guests present were Christie Huston, Kate Fent, TJ Miller, Andy & Nancy Munsey, Michele Bloker, Troy Farwell, Josh Kesecker, Kris Naisbitt, and Katy Nesbitt.

Press: Kathleen Ellen with Wallowa County Chieftain

Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Reflection


Kate Fent, MOU

Event Permit-Class Reunion


Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the May Payables and the May 14, 2018 minutes, with the following correction; Councilor Jenni Word is listed under Councilors Present, however, she was not present for the May meeting. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Andy Muncy, owner of Greenwood Mobile Home Park stated that he was here to discuss what he pays for sewer and water at the park. Andy stated he purchased the trailer park 18 years ago and since then the water and sewer rates have been raised significantly. He stated that he doesn’t mind the cost for the services but has an issue with not having consistent monthly rates. Andy asked the council to consider coming up with a regular monthly cost, instead of having an increase every time the meter is read. Councilor Elliott asked Andy if he knows what is causing the water to go through the roof. Andy responded, stating that they have a tenant who is a problem down there, leaving the water running, especially when temperatures dip. Councilor Pritchard asked how many spaces are in the Greenwood Mobile Home Park. Andy stated there were 39 spaces. Andy asked the Public Works Department to notify him if someone goes to read the meter and sees it spinning or notices an issue. Ronnie stated that he would review his concerns with the committee.

Michele Bloker, resident at 505 Depot Street came to discuss the issue with speeding in her neighborhood. Michele stated that she has lived there for about 12 years. The neighbors in the area range from teenagers to around ninety years old. Michele stated that Depot Street has not always been a charming and wonderful community, but today it is thriving and has become the type of neighborhood where they all take care of each other. Michele explained that she took time to go to most of the neighbors, approximately 75% of them, and most have noticed an increase in traffic and speeding. She stated that she knows it is not up to the Enterprise Police Department to sit down there and monitor the traffic 24-7, issuing citations. From Fish Hatchery to River Street there are not any stop signs or yield signs to slow drivers down, so we came up with some proactive ideas to try and help drivers maintain a safe speed through the neighborhood, the first one being neighborhood awareness. Michele stated that at 25 miles per hour, it takes approximately 80-85 feet to come to a complete stop. She passed around her iPad, showing pictures of buckets on the road she used to measure the stopping distance. Some of the ideas the neighbors came up with consist of; speed bumps on the street, sidewalks in the neighborhood, increased signage, etc. Councilor Agnew asked which idea the neighbors preferred. Michele stated that the neighbors want to draw attention to the drivers, making them more mindful of the community, but there were quite a few neighbors that didn’t mind the idea of speedbumps. Kathleen Ellen, a resident on Depot Street stated that she feels the lack of sidewalks down there is a huge problem. She stated that the neighborhood is very cognizant of it being a multi-use traffic area, but we also want it to be safe. Police Chief Joel Fish stated that he would start by moving the speed trailer into the neighborhood and start running radar down there more often. Michele stated that she would be willing to help with grants or finding funding to help come up with a more permanent plan. Council thanked Michele for her information and statistics provided.


Administrative Report

Lacey stated she provided the report to the City Council prior to the meeting and is able to answer any questions they have. No questions or comments for administration.

Public Works

Ronnie Neil stated that they just completed the one year warranty inspection on the new tank. He stated that there was some touch up painting necessary inside the tank and the crew will be coming back in a couple weeks. No questions or comments for public works.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Paul Karvoski stated that they had 44 calls so far this year, a record compared to prior years. He said the Joseph Fire Department has experienced the same thing, an increase in fire response this year. Councilor Agnew asked Paul what is common for total calls in a year. Paul stated that mid 50’s seems to be pretty common. Councilor Christman asked if lift assist calls are considered calls and asked if there is any reimbursement for those calls. Paul stated they do count as a call, but there isn’t reimbursement from a lift assist. No questions or comments for the fire department.


Police Chief Joel Fish stated that there were 216 calls for the Police Department. He read the data from his report submitted to the Council prior to the meeting. Joel explained that there were several calls to assist the Sheriff’s Office, due to them being short staffed. Joel stated that all four policeman received mental/first aid training recently and announced that Councilor Agnew just completed his chaplaincy training, to help assist law enforcement. Joel stated that he was able to complete the requirements and has received his Supervisory and Management Certificates. Joel said he recently had stated that EPD was hoping to get a vehicle from the State Police but that fell through when they decided to keep the vehicle.


Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that she submitted her report prior to the council meeting. She would like to add that there are a lot of kids signed up for the summer reading program so it will be a busy summer.


Resolution No. 630:

Kate Fent, representative for the baseball field complex, had presented at the May meeting in hopes of getting approval of Resolution No. 630 from the City Council. The council previously approved said resolution during the May meeting, after removing the following paragraph:

"WHEREAS, the City has available local matching funds to fulfill its share of obligation related to this grant application should the grant funds be awarded; and."

Kate stated that the grant they applied for requires this language be in the resolution. She explained that the City of Enterprise will not be required to contribute anything, but the paragraph must stay in the resolution in order for the state to accept it as approved. Kate stated that the match itself does not have be a cash match and can include in-kind donations. She stated that they are already well on their way to meeting the $50,000 match and any money received will first for to meet that match. Mayor Karvoski stated that this means the Council must reapprove the resolution, including the paragraph that was removed according to the past motion of approval. Kate Fent stated that there are three members driving down to Salem on Tuesday to present to the panel. Councilor Elliott stated that we are saying that we are making a commitment to provide those funds for the grant if they are approved. Councilor Word stated that we do not have to accept the grant, if they get approved, without having a MOU between the City and the group applying. If they were to get approved for the grant, we can write up an MOU explaining how the match will be raised, and move forward from there. Mayor Karvoski read the original copy of Resolution No. 630, prior to the removal of the above listed paragraph. She stated we are asking for approval of Resolution No. 630, prior to the modifications made. Councilor Christman made and motion to approve the original draft of Resolution No. 630 prior the modifications listed above. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. Roll-call vote. Motion passed unanimously.

CIS Insurance Coverage:

Lacey stated there have been several questions asked about the insurance coverage available for the new construction on the City Hall and Fire Hall. She explained that she reached out to Eric Ramm from CIS and asked for a written explanation of the coverage. Eric and Lacey reviewed the coverage and came up with an explanation sheet which included the different coverage amounts, which items fell under the guaranteed replacement insurance and which items fell under a capped insurance. Lacey provided the information sheets to councilors prior to the meeting for review during the meeting. Councilor Prichard thanked Lacey for getting the information and making it easier for the council to understand the coverage.

Council Action Request Form-April 9th:

Lacey explained that on April 9th, Michele Young asked the City Council for approval of a request for three feet to be vacated from the northeast corner of the new Fire Hall, reducing the sidewalk to twelve feet. The purpose of this request is to allow the block to be square for purposes of new construction. Lacey explained that we do not have record of this action request being approved, therefore she is resubmitting it to council for approval. The previous recommended motion was written as follows:

Recommend that staff proceed with a 3’ street vacation to square up the parcel as identified by the surveyor.

Councilor Pritchard made a motion to allow staff to proceed with a 3’ vacation for the new construction. Councilor Word seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Airport Lighting Project:

Lacey explained that the prior amount awarded for the Airport Lighting Project did not include the amount necessary for the regulator. She explained that during prior conversation, the council decided to table the request for approval until after the change order had been received by Enterprise Electric. Included in the council packet was a copy of the change order submitted by Enterprise Electric dated May 10, 2018. The change order would increase the total bid amount to $145,438.25. Councilor Elliot asked if this was necessary to move forward. Ronnie stated it was. Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the change order, increasing the total project cost to $145,438.25. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. Councilor Pritchard abstained from vote. Motion passed unanimously.


Construction Contract:

Mayor Karvoski stated that Troy Farwell came to the budget meeting with concern regarding the deadlines. She asked Troy to stand and state what his concerns were. Troy stated that per the contract the completion timeframe has three dates that have to be met; the first January 15th, the second May 15th and the third June 15th. Troy stated that while he is concerned, if the council decides that those dates are what we are sticking to, then he is prepared to sign the contract and move forward. Troy stated that they are most concerned about the January 15th deadline, getting the steel building ordered, getting it up in the fall and getting it to the level of completion required. City Engineer Brett Moore stated that the level of completion includes being able to move the fire truck into the new fire hall and out of the rental space. Councilor Agnew asked if that includes lights, heat, and everything overhead. Brett stated it includes lights and heat. Councilor Pritchard explained that there is a fine per day this deadline is not met. He stated that this will be a cost to the city if we keep this deadline. Brett explained that this is not a fee the city will have to pay, this is put into the contract in order to make meeting the deadlines important. Mayor Karvoski stated that our insurance company has interest to make sure these deadlines are met in order to keep from paying more rent than necessary for the fire truck space. Brett explained that Wellen’s Farwell shared their concern at the pre-bid meeting causing him to reach out to other bidders, asking if this was also a concern of theirs. Both bidders stated they felt it was doable. Brett stated that he wanted to review the process with the council, explaining to them that we open bids, receive the bids, and review the bids. Wellen’s Farwell was the low bidder for the project, at which point they review the bid and ask questions based off the contracting rules. Once everything checked out, they issued intent to award. There is then a seven-day protest period, of which there was no protest received. Brett stated they then prepared the notice to award documents which he brought here tonight. He explained that he had been told there was concern about whether or not Wellen’s Farwell would be able to meet the timeline required in the contract. This causes conflict as listed in the Oregon Administrative Rules and concern was expressed about whether he can complete the job according to the bid contract. Brett stated that at staff’s request, he contact legal counsel. Council indicated that it is clear in the rules that if they are concerned and cannot make the deadlines, they are deemed not responsible and the bid can go to the next lowest bidder. Troy stated that he had no ulterior motive coming to the budget meeting, he just had concerns he wanted to express. Councilor Elliott stated that it is important to stay on schedule, but we must be realistic. Troy stated that at any stage, deadlines are important part of any project and very much a concern of his. He stated he heard there was a meeting, unaware it was a budget meeting, and once Councilor Pritchard asked the questions, he only tried to fill in the gaps with the questions asked. Councilor Christman stated that he doesn’t want to decide to extend it, because there might not end up being any problems meeting the deadlines. Mayor Karvoski stated that if extensions were needed, the council would have to approve the request before the extension is granted. Brett stated the mayor was correct. Extensions would mean change orders which in turn causes the agreement to be changed. This is all steps that would have to be taken as individual requests are made. Troy stated that would meet the deadlines listed and the council would be updated as the project moves forward. The notice to award paperwork is prepared and will be submitted to Wellen’s Farwell tonight.

Fuel Bid:

Lacey stated that she included the Fuel Bid received by Wallowa County Grain Growers (WCGG) in the council packet. The bid submitted by WCGG was the only bid submitted for fuel. Councilor Christman made a motion to award the Fuel Bid received by Wallowa County Grain Growers. Councilor Word seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Liquor License:

Lacey explained that the City received a Liquor License application submitted by Richard Freeman, the new owner of the Enterprise Liquor Store. Councilor Agnew asked about the permit being listed correctly as on premise/off premise. Lacey stated that she was unsure which of the boxes needed to be checked, but off premise sales that include events, must be approved separately by the City. This permit is for sales at the Enterprise Liquor Store only. Councilor Sullivan made a motion to approve the Liquor License for the Enterprise Liquor Store. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Mayor Karvoski abstained from vote. Councilor Agnew opposed. All remaining in favor, motion passed.

Event Permit-Class Reunion:

Lacey explained that Alicia Hayes submitted an event permit application for the purposes of holding a class reunion gathering in front of Range Rider. He intent is to shut down a portion of the street from the alley to the north of the Range Rider, in front of Umpqua Bank, over to Main Street. Lacey asked if there was any concern from Chief Fish, Ronnie or Fire Chief Karvoski. After reviewing the map, there was not any concern stated. Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the event permit submitted by Alicia Hayes. Councilor Agnew seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Update from Eide Bailey (OLD BUSINESS):

Councilor Word read the update submitted by Eide Bailey. She explained that Eide Bailey would like some more time to complete a few tasks, including helping Lacey close out the year. Lacey stated that she feels like this would be a great benefit. She explained that while we have the budget nearly complete, there are other tasks she could use assistance on, including month end reports, reconciliations, year end closing, etc. Councilor Word stated that Eide Bailey is asking for another $3,000 to complete these tasks. Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve an extension of the agreement between the City of Enterprise and Eide Bailey, allowing another $3,000.00 to be spent on services provided. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Councilor Word abstained from vote. Motion passed unanimously.

Administrator Position:

Mayor Karvoski stated that the administrative committee met with Lacey to discuss the options moving forward with the administrative department. The committee is asking the councilors opinions on moving forward advertising in-house or opening the position to the public. Mayor Karvoski explained that during last year’s audit, there was some recommendations regarding the separation of duties to have better checks and balances. Councilor Agnew stated he felt we needed to follow the recommendations from the auditor. Councilor Elliott stated that review of the job description is important and if change is necessary, now is the time to change it. He asked if there was a downside to advertising publicly. Councilor Pritchard stated that it would not hurt at all to have outside applicants for the position. Mayor Karvoski stated that there really isn’t a downside. She explained that it would prolong the process a little, but no downside. Councilor Christman stated we would have the opportunity to get applications from all over if we open it to the public. Councilor Pritchard asked what would be advertised for, City Administrator, Manager, or something else. Lacey explained that our charter does not allow for a City Manager. Mayor Karvoski stated that they would open it as an Administrator position and look at the duties and responsibilities from there. Councilor Elliott suggested completing review of the job descriptions, get the job titles and description correct and then advertise. Councilor Word stated that they are asking the council to give permission to the administrative committee to move forward in the hiring process. The council agreed to allow the administrative committee to move forward in advertising for the position and changing the job descriptions and titles to better match the needs of the administrative department, as well as completing the hiring process for the positions.

Next meeting July 9th, 2018.

No further business. Meeting adjourned.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, Administrative Assistant