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Minutes September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

The Enterprise City Council held a Work session from 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for the purposes of questions and answers between staff and council members. Items discussed during work session consisted of progress of planning for city hall, information on the SCA Grant, and minor discussion of the possibility of a Library District.

Mayor Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 7:30pm. Those present were Mayor Stacey Karvoski; Councilor Jenni Word, Ashley Sullivan, Dave Elliott, Larry Christman, Chris Pritchard; Staff Joel Fish, Michele Young, Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch; City Attorney Wyatt Baum and guests Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Anderson, Carmen Gurale, Cody Billman, Rob DeSpain, Ryan Oberhelman, Autumn Wilburn, Wendy Stewart, Gwendolyn Trice, Josh Kesecker, and Paul Flanders.   

Those absent, Public Works Director Ronnie Neil and Fire Chief Paul Karvoski.

Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Reflection 


Resolution 620.


Councilor Word made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to approve the August 14th, 2017 minutes and the August Payables including all expenses related to the City Hall fire to date.  Motion passed unanimously.


Autumn Wilburn began speaking on behalf of the Library Foundation Board, regarding the possibility of a Library District. She explained that in order to have the Library District on the ballot, one of the requirements is to have each City pass a resolution that allows citizens within that community to vote on the district. Ms. Wilburn explained that the City of Joseph passed unanimously, the City of Lostine is in the process of deliberating and the City of Wallowa doesn’t hold their council meeting until next week, therefore it is unknown where they stand. She continued, explaining that adopting the resolution means that Enterprise would be within the boundaries, giving the citizens of Enterprise the opportunity to vote during the May ballot. The plan is to continue all of the services now received, increased hours and library availability as well as to help in the connection of other resources within our community. Ms. Wilburn explained that the Wallowa Valley Library Foundation Board is asking the City Council to pass a resolution to allow the citizens to vote.

City Administrator Michele Young stated that by listening to Denine speak, regarding the possibility of a library district, clarifies that she is very much in agreeance with this move. She explained that her question and concern is that if the City Council passes this resolution without doing further research and providing our citizens some very significant facts, we are not acting responsible. I think Enterprise is in a position where it is important to know what our citizens want. Michele then asked about the deadlines for these decisions.

Ms. Wilburn explained that the economic study currently taking place, should be completed by the end of the month. In order to do accurate study however, all cities with interest in the library district, have to be a part of that study. Therefore, if a City chooses to not be involved, the information will not be included in the study. She explained that the requirements consist of signatures from 15% of registered voters and small bond amount due by November 6th.

Michele stated that some questions she has are; what happens to the building and whose responsibility is it to take care of the building? The Council is going to have to tell the public what we are going to do with the funds no longer being used for the library budget. She further explained that the City of Enterprise is in a whole different situation than other cities are. Michele explained the importance of asking the citizens what they would like to see happen. Councilor Elliot explained that his fear is losing complete control of the library itself, then something happening with the district, causing the district to deteriorate, ultimately making it the City’s responsibility to fix everything and bring a library back to our community. Councilor Elliot continued by explaining that this all looks good on paper. Everything that is being offered, the idea for other communities, then something changes. Michele stated that once it is voted on, it’s in. She continued, stating that she thinks it would only be fair to send word out to our citizens that this is happening, asking if they want to be part of this district.

Councilor Pritchard asked, if we don’t opt in now can we opt in later. Ms. Wilburn explained that while that can happen, it would require it going back on the ballot and to the citizens. Councilor Elliot stated that we need to have more information before we can move forward. Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that one problem is that while we are trying to get all the necessary information, there is only one meeting a month for council, making it hard to get the information necessary to move forward. Michele responded stating that if it is necessary to have a special meeting, then we can.

Ms. Wilburn explained that the City of Lostine is holding a town Hall meeting asking for public input, maybe the City of Enterprise can do something similar. Councilor Agnew stated that he thinks it is important to notify the community in as many ways as possible, newspaper, Facebook, radio, etc. Councilors agreed. Mayor Karvoski asked for any further questions or comments, with none being made, Ms. Wilburn was thanked for her time and citizen comments were closed.


Administrative Department: Michele began with explaining the need to bring the burning ordinance back to the table. She explained that Fire Chief Paul Karvoski and her had discussion regarding updating the ordinance to include information regarding burn bans. Possibly including different phases throughout the year, similar to what the State currently does. She continued, we would like to have this completed by the first of the year, therefore next year we are ready for burn season and the restrictions implemented. Mayor Karvoski added, after speaking with Paul, one thing that is not addressed in the ordinance is warming fires. It is not necessary for someone to obtain a burn permit for a warming fire in their home. Michele asked the council to inform her about any concerns or complaints that they might be hearing, that way there can be further discussion over the next couple months. She would like to have a draft ordinance completed and submitted to council by the first of the year. No questions or comments for the Administrative Department.

Public Works Department: Although Ronnie is not present, he submitted his report and it is included in the packets provided to City Council.

Fire Department: Although Paul is not present, he submitted his report and it is included in the packets provided to the City Council.

Police Department: Chief Fish explained that there were 212 calls dispatched through the Sheriff’s Office last month. The Police Department handled 191 calls and 74 traffic stops. He explained that during an absence, the Sheriff’s Department did handle one call for the Police Department. Out of the 74 traffic stops there were 18 citations issued. Chief stated that he went to the CIS Law Enforcement class where one of the things he walked away with was the importance of “a good fit” for a new hire within the department. He continued by introducing Cody Billman as EPD’s new officer, who started officially today (September 11th, 2017). Chief Fish explained that Cody started helping out in May, at which time, Chief Fish realized the potential for a good fit, explaining that Cody is kind and capable of being very effective for the department. Chief stated that he fits in well with the office and the Sheriff’s Office and has since coming over a few years ago, working as a reserve during Chief Joseph Days. Chief Fish stated that as we walked away from the conference, he knew without a doubt that Cody was who he wanted on his department. Councilor Elliot thanked Chief Fish for the traffic control, not writing all the tickets, but making sure people slow down and pay attention. He stated that Chief Fish and his department are doing a great job. No further questions or comments for the Police Department.   

Library: Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that her library report was included in the packets, so she will answer any questions. Councilor Agnew asked if the foot traffic has increased since the County Library is shutting their door. Denine responded, stating that she is getting a lot of young families that, although she has seen before, she is starting to see a lot more now with the decreased hours at the County Library. She continued, stating that it is not as bad as she thought, but the County Library is still open a couple days a week and expects a decrease once they are closed. Councilor Karvoski asked how long will that continue. Denine responded through May; they are allowing the County Librarian to work 16 hours per week. Councilor Agnew asked if there are any problems anticipated once the county library is completely closed. Denine stated that she doesn’t want programs to end once they close. She would like to see the after school program continue, as well as Toddler Time. She stated that she would like to get some more volunteers to help with the front desk, giving her more opportunity to work on programming. Her goal is to allow one hour of uninterrupted time during each program.                          No further questions or comments for the Library Department.

Mayor Karvoski asked to add to the Public Works Department update. She read from the last paragraph of Ronnie’s report: “We had our water system survey in which the Oregon Health Authority came in and goes through all your records and yearly tests and wants to look at emergency response plans and O&M programs for our water system. Also, they go around and look at your entire system, checking for any deficiencies. We just received the report last week and we successfully met the criteria for Outstanding Performance for our water system through the State. This is what we have been striving for, for the last six years.” She stated that she wanted to make sure this gets recognized, as it’s a great accomplishment.




CETRA Grant:

Ice Rink- Ryan Oberhelman began by stating the reason for the grant request in the amount of $2,000 by the Ice Rink is they would like to upgrade their resurfacing system, purchase some items that were ruined from the weather last year, and purchase more skates for rentals. The Ice Rink also hopes to purchase LED lights to save on energy and make it well-lit and safe.

Winterfest-Wendy Stuart stated that they are asking for $2,000.00 for Winterfest. She continued by explaining that Winterfest is a great event that brings a ton of community support and families together. Wendy stated that the group appreciates what they have received in the past. The first Winterfest meeting this year is scheduled for Wednesday morning, September 13th where they will begin planning for the upcoming event. The group is wanting to continue to do the same thing with lights, and would even like to do more, if they had more volunteers. She stated that Winterfest is always the second weekend in December.  

Maxville Heritage- Gwendolyn Trice began by explaining that the group is excited to get to come back and solve a challenge for the County by having multiple events on every weekend. After this last year, we got a ton of feedback, and collectively decided that they needed to blend this event with the Wallowa Watershed Festival. This grant would provide seed funding for advertising and marketing for Maxville/Wallowa Watershed Festival. The whole goal is to build upon our resources to have a really strong event annually. This is typically the last Friday in June and in Enterprise.  She is requesting $2,000.00.

Fish Trap- no one showed up for their grant presentation.

Sagewood Heights Subdivision:

Michele began by stating that this is not a public hearing. This is to hear the official record and recommendation by the Planning Commission. She asked if anyone had the opportunity to do a visit of the site. Councilor Agnew did not. Michele read the Findings and Facts document:



Request for Tentative Plan approval                                                                                                   MEL-08-2017-TPA


Applicant:       Kurt Melville / Sagewood Heights Subdivision

Nature of the Application

Tentative Plat Approval for Sagewood Heights Subdivision

Relevant Facts

The following is a summary of the facts and testimony found to be relevant to this decision.

  1. The subject site is located on Sagewood St. and described on the Wallowa County Assessor’s Map as 2S4401, Tax Lot 200.
  2. The 16.68 acre property is located in the A-1 Airport Zone. The development has 2 phases, this is Phase 1 for Parcels 1-8. The applicant received a conditional use permit in 2010 for R-1 residential use for this subdivision.  Improvements have been made during the course of the years and he has worked closely with the City of Enterprise during our Water Improvement Project which was completed this year.  Now that it is complete he is ready to complete his subdivision.
  3. Currently this is an undeveloped parcel. Applicant did do a minor partition creating two additional parcels, now tax lot 203 and 202 but they are not part of this subdivision and they are currently on a private road. 
  4. There is a mix of land uses surrounding the subject property. The Enterprise Airport lies to the northeast of this property, agriculture use lies directly east and residential R-1 lies to the west and northwest.
  5. The property is currently served by city water and sewer.
  6. The applicant submitted the required application form and fee with a written statement of intent to develop.
  7. A review was held before the Enterprise Planning Commission on September 5, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. A full Tentative Plan reviewed and a recommendation for approval was made unanimously.


Relevant Criteria

  1. Article 9, Chapter IV Tentative Plan Approval for Subdivisions

        Section 9.410 – 9.470 Applicant has provided required information

        Section 9.460 Preliminary Review: The City Administrator, Public Works Supt., City          Engineer and Attorney completed a review and are satisfied with all requirements.

  1. Chapter VI General Regulation and Design Standards.

        Applicant has met all city design standards as required.


The following is a summary of the findings:

  1. R-1 Residential Zone Conditional Use.  The Residential R-1 zone allows single-family dwelling on 10,000 square foot parcels.
  2. Public Access.  Sagewood Street will be a 60’ dedicated public right of way off of Pace Ave.  This street will be paved with a 36’ width; rolled curbs and 5’ sidewalks.  The existing street base will have to be widened to meet the improved street width portion.
  1. Street Lighting. 1) Street lights will be required at the end of each driveway, connected to the property owner’s powers.   There will be 3’ bolster LED lights.    It is required that they be maintained by the property owners and this requirement shall be placed in the subdivision covenants.  The City agrees to a public street light at the end of the street by Pace Ave.  Once applicant pays for the installation, the city will agree to pay for the monthly lighting costs.
  2. Property Exterior Lighting: To provide safety for aircraft and property since this is in an A-1 Zone the following requirements are made:  All entry door lighting shall be shielded so no upward glare can occur.  All other exterior lighting must be approved by the City of Enterprise to guarantee safety for aircraft using the airport..  This shall be placed in the subdivision covenants
  3. Infrastructure. Water, Sewer and storm drainage have all received full review by Public Works Supt. and Engineer.  Staff feels the applicants engineer has provided good data for a major rain event to work in the proposed overflow area.
  4. Additional Requirements. Applicant will place in the subdivision covenants the following:   1) All roofing must be non-glare; 2) No radio antennas that would cause interference with aircraft avionics; any antenna that exceeds 5’ above any structure will require site review by the city.  3) No drones are allowed; 4) this is a view corridor area, residential site locations shall comply, developer is placing additional view corridor restrictions for tree height and specie.
  5. Easements. City agrees to vacate two (2) old easements where the water main used to run through property.  No new easements will be required as all city mains will be within public right of way.
  6. Public Comment. The only public comment received was a letter from the Oregon Department of Aviation.  There was no objection to the development but that we be sensitive to the aviation use near this development and follow our code.


Based on the above facts and findings, the Enterprise Planning found:

  1. Tentative Plan meets all city criteria

B.      The proposed use is compatible with existing and projected uses on surrounding lands.

  1. The use enhances this area of town and provides additional view properties.


Planning Commission Recommendation:

Based on the above Findings, Facts and Conclusions, the Enterprise Planning Commission made a unanimous Recommendation to the Enterprise City Council at their September 5, 2017 meeting to approve the Tentative Plan for Sagewood Heights Subdivision.



Michele stated that we did receive a letter from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).  They were not objecting , Michele asked to explain what the letter stated, (a copy was attached in the packets).  City Attorney Wyatt Baum explained that essentially the FAA stated that there are certain requirements and exclusions that apply, if this is allowed to happen. Since those requirements and exclusions have already been recommended by staff and the Planning Commission, there isn’t an issue. Michele continued, explaining that the public road will end at the reservoir, therefore, that is as far as they will develop during this stage. Phase two will continue to the north side of the reservoir, but that will be in the future. Mayor Karvoski asked if the City will be responsible for plowing up to the reservoir. Michele stated that is correct. Councilor Elliot asked if this is approved, doesn’t mean that the council is approving Phase Two. Michele stated that is correct. Phase Two will be a separate application with a separate set of approvals. Michele explained that these lots are not tax lots until it goes through the Final Plat process. Councilor Pritchard asked how many lots are there in the Phase One section. Rob DeSpain explained that there are 8, each around 12,000 square feet. Rob brought pictures of the two options for lighting, which comply with the regulations from the FAA. Mayor Karvoski asked for any further questions.

Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve the recommendation of the Planning Commission, approving the Tentative Plan for the Sagewood Heights Subdivision. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Planning Commissioner:

Michele stated that Catherine Fish submitted a letter of interest to serve on the Enterprise Planning Commission. Michele stated that when

Catherine was asked if she would like to say anything. She stated that when her husband, Chief Fish, showed her pictures of this place, she fell in love. She continued by saying that while she is not familiar with City Land Use, she is willing and eager to learn and very excited about it.  She sees so much potential in our city.

Councilor Word made a motion to appoint Catherine Fish to a three year term on the Enterprise Planning Commission. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. No further discussion. Motion passed unanimously.  

Resolution 620

Mayor Karvoski asked Michele to explain Resolution 620. Michele stated that this resolution gives us the ability to expend the funds that are paid to us by the insurance company related to the fire.   Michele stated that she has spent money already and then called our Auditor for advice on properly accounting for this since it was not included in our budget.  The Auditor stated that these would be considered emergency funds so it does not need to be budgeted but it does need to be accounted for in our financials.   Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve Resolution 620, a resolution declaring an emergency authorizing the City of Enterprise to use City/County Insurance funds received because of the City Hall Fire. Councilor Christman seconded the motion.   Mayor Karvoski took a roll call vote, Roll Call Vote-passed unanimously.

Added Discussion

Michele stated that she would like to talk a little more about the Library. She asked Wyatt if there is anything that we need to know, before moving forward. Wyatt stated that it is important to be aware that their ability to do the feasibility study, is somewhat contingent on what cities are on board. This ultimately could have an impact on the cost for the other voters should we not decide to move forward with it. Michele stated that she recalls what everyone went through with the Parks and Recreation District that was proposed. This is similar in that there is a short timeline, adequate information has not given to make good decisions, and again the City of Enterprise has the most at stake. While the Parks and Recreation District could have been a great thing, the citizens didn’t have everything they really needed to make a decision. Our citizens need to get the right information and all the information so they can make a decision based off that. Councilor Elliot stated that the information has to get out there in order for the public to be educated enough to make an educated vote. He continues by asking, what is the true benefit for Enterprise? He states that he sees the benefit for every other City, but not Enterprise. Michele added, that is why there has to be a conversation that takes place. Councilor Christman asked what control the City of Enterprise would have over the Library if the Library District should be voted in. Denine responded, none, it would be part of the district, so the City would not have any more say over the Library. Councilor Elliot stated that there is a lot more that needs to be discussed.


Monday Oct 9th at 7:00 at the Cloverleaf Hall.


Mayor Karvoski announced the Enterprise City Council will hold an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(d) to conduct deliberations with the cities designated labor negotiator. The City will re-open Public Session at the end of the Executive Session.  Public Session is now closed.

Mayor announced that the executive session closed, Public Session is now open.   No action taken.

Meeting adjourned at 8:54pm.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, Administrative Assistant