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Special Meeting May 23, 2017

May 23, 2017

The Enterprise City Council met in a Special Council Meeting on May 23, 2017 directly after the Budget Hearing.  Those present were Mayor Stacey Karvoski, Councilors Chris Pritchard, Larry Christman, Dave Elliot and Micah Agnew; Staff Lacey McQuead and Fire Chief Paul Karvoski.

Mayor Karvoski stated that we were having this special meeting to discuss the fire stipend reimbursement. She explained that everyone had a copy of the proposal that was sent to the members. She stated that she also spoke with Michele Young, City Administrator and Steven Schuback about the proposal. Mayor Karvoski went on to explain that the only issue with the proposal was the eat night reimbursement. She explained that currently, when they get paid, there is a portion of each fireman’s check, $15.00, which currently totals $330.00, is deducted for eat night funds. Michele has proposed $180.00 per eat night. Mayor Karvoski continued explaining that her proposal is recommending the City continue with $15.00 per fireman.

Councilor Christman asked if the proposal is more than the City has currently been paying. Mayor Karvoski stated that according to her calculations, it evens out. She explained a scenario where the result ended in a $75.00 difference that could go back into the fund to help offset the meal night expense. Mayor Karvoski explained that it is important to keep in mind that we are not compensating them by an hourly wage.

Councilor Agnew stated that the proposal shows any call more than three hours would be considered two calls in one. Councilor Elliot asked Chief Karvoski for his opinion. Chief Karvoski stated that he previously explained the proposal to the guys last week and they didn’t oppose it. Mayor Karvoski explained that there would also be an increase to the AD&D from $10,000 to $50,000, this is a huge benefit for the fireman.

Councilor Agnew stated that compared to what was previously discussed, this seems a whole lot closer to what the fireman are used to receiving. Mayor Karvoski agreed, stating that it is probably as close as it will get, while still having to stay in the parameters that we have set.

Councilor Elliot suggested leaving the meal cost at $330.00 or $15.00/firefighter. Chief Karvoski asked if only half the funds are spent, does the fire department get to keep the remaining funds for the next month’s training night. Councilor Pritchard stated that he agrees with them keeping the remaining funds, Councilor Elliot and Agnew agreed as well.

The Fire Department Pay Proposal submitted by Mayor Karvoski:

$12.00/Training Night (Currently at $11.00).

$14.00/Call (calls lasting over 3 hours would be paid as another call).

The Enterprise Volunteer Fire Department will be reimbursed up to $15.00 for each fireman on the roster for meals during training night. Receipts are required to be submitted with monthly stipend forms. 

City will continue to provide Life Flight Membership.                                   

Increase AD&D to $50,000 per Fireman.

Councilor Elliot made a motion to approve the proposal submitted by Mayor Karvoski. Councilor Agnew seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Being no further business, meeting adjourned.


                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey McQuead, Admin. Assistant