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Minutes March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Steve Lear; Councilors Stacey Karvoski, Dave Elliott, Bill Coffin, Jenni Word, Laura Miller, Larry Christman; Staff  Michele Young, Denine Rautenstrauch, Ronnie Neil, Lacey McQuead.

Guests:  Sondra Lozier, Linda Warnock, Janis Carper, Chuck Anderson, Jack Conley, Lee Daggett, Kathleen Ackley.

Press: Kathleen Ellis

Pledge of Allegiance



Additions to the Agenda:  Ordinance No. 582 and discussion on complaint regarding maintenance of Thorpe Lane (Alley) and their public records request.

No minutes presented for approval.


Public Works – Ronnie reported that the Warrington Construction started back up today on the water project.

Library – Denine reported that  there is contaminated soil on the south side of the hole where the underground oil tank was.  This will be removed per DEQ requirements.  Friday night was the 12th annual Battle of the Books which Councilor Miller participated in.  They did not exceed from last year but still had 120 kids present.

Administration: Michele reported that the Accounting Software conversion is now complete.  Michele asked for a volunteer from the City Council to serve on an Advisory Committee for the Planning Commission.  This will be part of the process of gaining public input on the adoption of a new Land Use Code.  Michele reported that some of the Landmarks Commissioners will be attending a SHPPO conference.

Police report – Officer Kohlhepp submitted a written report stating they have 54 cases as of today since the first of the year.

Fire report – Chief Karvoski submitted a written report that stated they responded to one Motor Vehicle accident


Motel Tax Committee – Mayor Lear reported that Motel Tax Committee met, they want to make sure the city is getting their bang for the buck for the money we are granting out. There is a target item of $7500 of the Façade Grant program they will be looking at.  The Committee will be reviewing how we give grants and if we need to wean some off of it.

Mayor Lear stated the Parks Committee had a committee meeting via the phone – He called Dave Elliott and Jenni Word.  He would like to see Warde Park improvements moving forward.  If we are going to hold our citizens accountable than we need to hold ourselves to the same ordinance. 

Mayor Lear stated that Laura Miller has resigned from the Council.  She put April 15th as her final date.


Thunder-Run Opportunity Grant request ends with no action

Gary Bethscheider representing the Thunder Run request for funding.  He felt his application came with  a luke-warm welcome from the city and was wondering if any action had been taken.  Councilor Word stated that she has volunteered for the last few years – she does hear from people at the event that they do shop locally.

Councilor Miller stated that this is a for profit operation and our Motel Tax Grants are for non-profits.  Mayor Lear stated his cash register was very happy during the last two Thunder Runs.  That is how he gauges success to events.  What bothers the committee is this is for a for -profit company and are we creating something. 

Councilor Coffin stated anything that generates our economy is an asset. 

Councilor Karvoski stated that when people come, they have to present a budget, he just asks for money with no accountability, we just give him money.  She would not have any problem with giving buck skin bucks or something. 

Councilor Elliott felt it was a valid point, he doesn’t qualify for the standard tax application. 

Councilor Christman stated it is up to us to set the guidelines, he feels money spent in Wallowa County is always good.

Michele reported on the history of why the Opportunity Fund was created.  It has no guidelines, it is purely at the discretion of the City Council.

No action taken by the City Council.



MOUNTAIN HIGH BRONCS:  Lee Daggett and Jack Conley.  Lee passed around a packet of pictures.  This is their 13th annual event, last year was a success.  1200 persons went through their event.  They gave away a corvette last year even.  They are not an elite professional bull riding event, they will be televised this year.  It should be aired 1-2 months after the event.  They will have Professional wild horse racing and mutton busting, last year had 24 kids. 

They are looking for a marketing partner to sustain their event.  No one gets paid to work on this event, this is a partnership in our community.  There is a Heritage and Cultural aspect to this event.  Lee stated they are requesting $2000, he heard the word ween and stated that if that is the case they would also consider the weaning process as well in the community.  He did not mean that to hold us hostage.

GEMS – Flower Baskets.  Sondra Lozier stated they will be doing 12 baskets this year.  The Wellness center does the watering and that alone costs $2000 per year, they are requesting a $2000 grant.

GEMS – Bowlby Bash:  Sondra Lozier stated they will continue to do a 6 hours event from 10-4 including the derby race.  The event continues to do well and GEMS is requesting $2,000 to help with advertising and other related costs.

MULE DAYS – Sondra Lozier stated this is their 36th year.  They are making a few changes, the mule sale has been going steady since 2002.  They never know what to expect with the animals so this year they will have a private treaty sale.  She agrees with Lee Daggett regarding the weaning.  She feels they do a lot for the community during the event and very much appreciate the funding they receive.  She is requesting $2,000.

JUNIPER JAM – Janice Carper representing the Music Alliance stated that this will be their 7th or 8th year and she is asking $2000.  They have had a few rough years due to rainy bad weather.  They are hoping for good weather this year. They have almost a full line up for this year.  Ticket prices will remain the same.  They would like the 11:00 curfew again. 

COURTHOUSE CONCERT:  Janice Carper stated this is their 11th year doing the series.  They cannot pull it off without the cities support.  They have a full 13 weeks of music and it will end the last week of August.  They do raise donations from people watching their event, merchant sponsorship and cultural trust.  They are requesting $2,000.

WALLOWA LAND TRUST:  They are asking for continued support for the outing, this is their 7th year.  It is unique in that it gets locals and visitors out to areas people don’t normally get out to.  They are focusing with other non-profit organizations to get all of these groups together, arts literature and music and how they relate to the natural environment.  They are asking $500.

FARMERS MARKET :  Linda Warnock who is also a vendor announced they will not be doing a Farmers Market this year in Enterprise.  They have decided to combine both markets, make one stronger and educate the vendors.  They hope that next year they will have a street full of vendors once they get their marketing program going.  They are holding a symposium on April 16th,  they will be teaching how to make the market successful.

Linda stated anything we could grant them would be very much appreciated, they are asking $1,000.

ALPENFEST:  Chuck Anderson passed out a new poster.  This will be their 37th alpenfest.  They will have the parade and Terminal Gravity event this year.  This year they will give adults with their tickets a free mug to promote Enterprise.  They want to sell more beverages and food at the event.   They are requesting $2,000.


Michele presented Ordinance 582 to the City Council.  Crystal Broadband has never applied for a Franchise with the City.  This Ordinance will do that.  Michele asked the Council if they would like to have the Franchise Fee remain 5% or increase to 7%.  Crystal Broadband has made a request that it remain the same.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion to adopt Ordinance 582 with a 5% Franchise Fee.  Michele took a roll call vote which passed unanimously.


Councilor Christman made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to purchase a used 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe for the Police Department.  Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Word seconded the motion  to dispose of 3 police vehicles - 2005 Chev Impala; 1998 Chry/Intrepid; and 2001 Chev Impala.  Motion passed unanimously.  Michele stated the  we will follow Section 2.20180(7b).


Ronnie and Michele submitted a request for the council to take action by have the Mayor sign a letter regarding a rock hazard on Hwy. 82 across form the old Stoffel Well Drilling property.  Staff provided pictures and the Council did review the area themselves.   Councilor Christman  felt that the subdivision work has to be a hazard to it as well. 

Councilor Christman made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to direct the Mayor to sign a letter drafted by Michele regarding the Rock hazard, motion passed unanimously.


Ronnie and the Public Works Committee met regarding this position  It has not been filed since about 2012.  Michele did a review of the budget for a 13 week position beginning June for  30 hours per week at $10 per hour.  Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to approve the position as recommend by staff.


Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to appoint Jim Sackett to a three year term as recommended by the Planning Commission.  Motion passed unanimously.


Michele stated they received another letter from Timothy Heihn.  Michele had the city attorney review the letter.  Michele stated that it would really make it easy to sit down with the Heihn's to discuss the situation down there.  A minor partition was approved several years ago and all it requires is access to a road.  It does not define who owns the road, we have a few other areas that are very similar to this that we do not maintain the road.  We do not even know where the boundaries are of Thorpe Lane and whether or not it is in the city or the county.  Michele and Ronnie both understand Mr. Heihn frustration  but he bought into this area and nothing has changes, it has never been a city maintained road. 

After discussion the council consensus was to approve staff to move forward with working with the County and see if they will go halves in having a surveyor determine where the street lies and  if it is owned by they county or city.  The suspicion is it was an old mill road.


Mayor Lear Closed the Public Session for the purposes of holding an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(a) to consider the employment of an employee.

Mayor Lear re-opened the public session.  Meeting Adjourn.


                                                                                    Jenni Word, Council President



Michele R. Young, City Admin./ Recorder