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Minutes October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

The Enterprise City Council net in regular session on Monday, October 12, 2015.  Those preset were Mayor Steve Lear, Councilors Jenni Word, Bill Coffin, Dave Elliott, Laura Miller, Stacey Karvoski; Staff Michele Young, Denine Rautenstrauch, George Kohlhepp, Ronnie Neil.

Absent:  Councilor Christman

Guests:  Wendy Stuart, Fernando Alvarez, Katy Nesbitt, Mick Courtney, Susan Gilstrap.

Press:  Kathleen Ellyn of the Chieftain


Councilor Coffman made a motion to add Fernando Alvarez to the agenda to discuss his water and sewer bill and to add Wendy Stuart to the agenda to talk about the Annual Christmas Bus.  Councilor Miller seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Kati Nesbitt gave an update on the Campaign to raise funds for the Wallowa Lake Lodge.  The main impetus by buying the lot is to keep the lot intact and the lodge the way it is. Keep the lodge at the 1923 site.  They intend to Increase business for the lodge and county and to  not develop the 8 acres, to keep it pristine. 

Mayor Lear read a letter from Timothy Heihn regarding the lack of maintenance on their road, Thorpes Lane.  Mayor Lear stated they are friends of his and he has brought this up a few other times not understanding why we do not maintain it.  Michele and Ronnie both commented that is it not in the cities maintenance program, it does not meet city specifications, it is partly in and partly out of the city.   Michele stated she would dig up the information and conditions made to Eave's who were the ones who partitioned the property within the city limits.


Public Works – Ronnie reported that they are busy working on the water project, that is taken up a lot more of their time than they thought it would.  A lot of it also has to do with the fact we have such an old system.

Library – Denine provided a report for everyone on Needs and Assessments for Libraries in Oregon.  Denine stated we had to have an Environmental Review of the Library building to make sure we have no mold or lead paint. 

Michele stated that she is trying to get information to submit a grant for new runway lights.  We only have until the later part of November to make the particular application but she will try.

Police – George reported that Jed Stone is now working for us to help out.  He just retired from OSP and is current on all training.  He was someone we could turn around and put to work with very little training associated with it.  Jed started his career here in Enterprise.

George stated they have worked real hard in bringing the department in compliance with what was found in the report.  They are making strides in department supplied weapons.  Duty gear

is also begin brought up.  The evidence room was a big thing, he has completed the inventory and the are going to revamp the evidence room so that each department is separate from other.  They will also hire an evidence tech.   She is a part time dispatcher and came with high recommendations from the DOJ.  George commented that she has had nothing but positive

He talked with Jim about his trip out here.

George stated we are again working with the county regarding , we have had a few drug related issues come up over that few works and working towards a street crimes team for drug issues.

They had over 100 calls for service in September. 


Councilor Word stated the Police Committee met this morning and reviewed the Conditional Offer for Mr. Episcopo.  Councilor Word stated that we have gained a lot of valuable contact with LaGrande and we have developed a great relationship. 


Motel Tax Grants:  Councilor Miller presented the recommendations from the Motel Tax Committee.  After review their recommendations are to fully fund the 3 applicants that presented their applications as they all meet the criteria for funding.

            Wallowa Valley Ice Rink:        $2000

            Winterfest:                              $2000

            Landmarks Commission          $1,500

Councilor Christman made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to approve the Motel Tax Grants as recommended by the Motel Tax Committee.  Motion passed unanimously.


Fernando Alvarez stated he had a few things he wanted to talk to the council about.  . He stated that he talked to the Mayor regarding a sewer drain on NE 3rd and Logan, water would puddle there for weeks before water would dissipate.  This line had been backfilled.  He met with the Mayor in the city attorney’s office 9 months ago and never received a response as the Mayor stated he would.  Mayor Lear stated that he did send him a letter and presented a copy of a letter, not on city letterhead.  Ronnie Neil explained that this line is an old storm drain and it goes no where, it has been abandoned for years.  Fernando stated that he is retired and lives between here and Moses Lake.  He has to pay $90 some dollars when he is only here 5 days per month and does not use hardly use any of the allotted water.  He would like to propose a senior or usage rate, some people he has talked to feel it would be more fair.  He feels he is subsidizing other people’s water and sewer.  Mayor Lear and Councilor Christman stated that are also senior citizens.  Mayor Lear stated it was Mr. Alvarez's choice to own two homes and only come here 5 days per month.  Our system has a base rate system, you are charged additional fees only if you use more water than the base amount which is 500 cuft per month.

Councilor Elliott stated that even though your (Mr. Alvarez)  time here is short, it still takes an enormous amount of water to provide you that clean water.  The difference is we are gong through a huge water and system improvement, we went through a sewer project.  It all adds up to a huge volume.  No one likes paying it but it is part of the system we have.   You are paying your share for having water and sewer to your house.  Councilor Coffin stated he is also a senior citizen and it is a service he has to pay for. 

Wendy Stuart, representing GEMS passed out a request for funding for the Bus Tour.   She asked for an amount not to exceed $840.  The city has funded this in prior years and the money has come out of the Opportunity Fund within the Motel Tax Fund.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to award $840 for the Christmas Bus Tour.  Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Word made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion to approve a Street Close Event Permit for the Enterprise Trunk R-Treat on Halloween from 4pm to 8 pm.  Motion passed unanimously.

Susan Gilstrap request permission to have their power service line cross Hamel Drive to her new Office she is building.  The developers of the property did not provide a conduit for power.  they will go under the road so that they do not have to dig up the pavement.

Councilor Elliott felt that unless they go under our sewer line they should go overhead so we do not have the same situation as we had on the James property.   Ronnie agreed stating that is what we have the lawsuit over right now.  

Councilor Elliott made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion approving the power service line to go under Hamel Drive, it must also go under (1) foot under the sewer main.  Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Lear read Resolution No. 597 which authorized closing the Recorder's Checking Account.  Michele stated it has not been used for years. It was originally set up prior to her coming to the city for deposits for utilities but we no longer do it that way.

Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to Approve Resolution No. 597.  Michele took a Roll Call Vote, motion passed unanimously.

Being no further business the meeting adjourn at  8:54pm.


Steven D. Lear, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder