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Minutes May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, May 11, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. Those present were Mayor Steve Lear; Councilors Larry Christman, Bill Coffman, Dave Elliott, Stacey Karvoski; City Attorney Roland Johnson; Staff Ronnie Neil, George Kohlhepp, Denine Rautenstrauch, Michele Young.

Guests: Carol Bartlow, Wendy McCullough, Sondra Lozier, Linda Warnock, Beth Gibans, Grace Bartlow

Press;   Katie Nesbit, The Observe

            Kathleen Ellyn, Chieftain

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance


Addition of Resolution No. 592

No minutes presented for approval, they will be ready next month.


Mayor Lear read a letter from Walter Smith regarding wild cats. Councilor Christman felt he could get a live trap. Councilor Elliott stated the Humane Society has a trap. Mayor Lear stated that he would contact the Humane Society and then contact Walter Smith on his options.


Mayor Lear read the Public Hearing opening statement. Mayor Lear stated that he does intend to be part of the vendor sales in case any one feels that is a conflict.

Carol Bartlow presented signed letters of support. Carol feels this would be a safer to have the vendors set up in the parking area so that customers can stay on the sidewalk. They hope the customers who are in wheel chairs or have strollers can then pull right up to the tents.

Councilor Coffin stated the only person who commented negatively was a letter received from the Cloud 9 Bakery, they did worked it out last year. Councilor Coffin feels this should solve their problem. Carol stated that the vendors will not park in front of the business’s on this block. They spoke with Christina Moffit and will work very hard to try to not to affect her.

Linda Warnock spoke in favor of this and stated that often they had no area to unload, this will help them with unloading before the event.

Beth Gibans spoke in favor of the closure. They feel very good about the positive response. This will create better visibility, they were getting lost in the back of the courthouse.

Michele received no negative written comments. Mayor Lear called for testimony in oppostion, there was non.. Mayor Lear closed the Hearing. Staff presented recommendations that the Farmers Market be required to provide proof of Liability Insurance since this is in City right of way and that they name this City as an insured with a minimum of $500,000 coverage. Staff also would like to require that they manage the street closures and provide their own signage and barricades. Staff requested that a name be provided as the emergency contact.

Councilor Elliot was very pleased that they talked to the owners of Cloud 9 and they have offered to not park in front of business.

Councilor Coffman made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to approve the closure as presented, as well as including staff recommendations stated above. Motion passed unanimously.


Public Works – Ronnie reported that the water project is moving forward. There will be a Pre-bid meeting on May 12 at 2pm and bid openings will be on the 21st. The crew has been working on a lot of small jobs to catch up. They replaced planks in the picnic tables and worked on the BBQ pit. They replaced some bridge planks on the Montclair Street bridge and completing some street painting.

Library – Denine stated that we should know about the grants by the next council meeting

Admin – Michele reported on the clean up day in Enterprise that Jodi Berry organized. It was so much fun working with the kids. Flowers were planted at Warde Park and they cleaned up the area.

Police – George Kohlhepp stated things are going pretty well with the resources we have. The resource team was great to work with. They responded to 90 calls last month. They have some of the older cases put to bed so the council will be seeing more of them on the streets

Fire – they had 3 flu fires, Mutual Aid to Wallowa, Brush Fire on Green Valley Rd., a lift assist and a shed fire in the month of March.



Roland reported that we had some inquiries from suppliers regarding our bid identifying a specific brand of fire hydrant in the bid. the reason for us doing that is to keep things consistent throughout the city. Councilor Christman made a motion to approve Resolution No. 592; Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion. Michele took a Roll Call Vote with a unanimous vote


Parks Committee – no report

Police Committee – Mayor Lear stated that the Chief's from Pendleton, LaGrande and Baker City came to the agency review last Thursday and Friday. Councilor Christman reported that they have two recommendations that they would like to see the city move forward with advertising for a Chief and planning a Community Town Hall meeting. Advertising for the position of Chief does not lock the city into hiring one but it gets the ball rolling.

Councilor Coffman made a motion to advertise for the Chief's Position as recommended, Councilor Elliott seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Motel Tax Committee – no reports


Darrell Brann and Adrian Harguess updated the City Council on GEMS welcome sign.

Darrell & Steve Arment have done the design part of the project. Darrell will, if needed lay the brick. Adrian presented the engineered plan created by Ralph Swinehart.   Ralph did this pro-bono. Estimated cost is $45,000 if it were to be bid out.

All permits have been received, funds available as of now are just short of $30,000. They will have more volunteer labor than anticipated but are prepared.

Councilor Elliott stated that more people will probably want to be involved once they start.

Mayor Lear thanked them for pushing this project through.


Propane Bid – Wallowa County Grain Growers   .93 per gallon subject to change in market  price

                                                                                    $50 first tank yrly rental (500 gal)

                                                                                    $1 second tank yrly rental (500 gal)

                        Ed Staub & Sons                                  $1.00 per gallon flat rate

                                                                                    $1.00 yrly tank rental

After discussion Councilor Christman made a motion to table the bid award to allow staff time to get clarification on bid differences for the price per gallon. Councilor Coffin seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Fuel – Wallowa County Grain Growers was the only bidder. Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to award the fuel bid to Wallowa County Grain Growers as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

                                    Unleaded Gasoline                  $2.65 gal

                                    L.S. Diesel - Cardlock              $2.68 gal

                                    Dyed Diesel heating                $2.38 gal

                                    Dyed Kerosene Heating          $2.53 gal

                        All prices subject to change and may be verified by supplier.

Audit – Edison, Perry and Co. submitted a 3 year bid. Councilor Karvoski made a motion to approve the bid as submitted, Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

                        2015    $8,000 Audit Fee       

                        2016    $9,500 Single Audit Fee

                        2017    $10,00 Single Audit Fee

Meeting adjourn 8:35pm.


                                                                                    Steven D. Lear, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder