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City of Enterprise Exterior Rehabilitation Matching Grant Program

City of Enterprise Exterior Rehabilitation Matching Grant Program


The City of Enterprise’s exterior rehabilitation matching grant program is to support the owners of Locally

and/or Nationally designated historic buildings in maintaining and repairing their building and to preserve the building’s historic appearance.

The funding for these grants is limited and is provided by Motel Tax funds. The City of Enterprise is providing $20,000 from the Motel Tax funds and may only be used for exterior façade restoration or repairs, foundation funds may be used for exterior façade repairs, restoration, building assessment, planning, architectural or engineering work.

Applications are due March 31, 2017. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be invited to present their application. Grant recipients will be notified of their grant award, if approved, within 10 days of the decision.

Eligibility Requirements, Grant Conditions and Criteria

1. The building must be designated historic either by being on the National Register of Historic Places or be locally designated a historic building by the Historic Landmarks Commission. The owner or tenant (with owner’s written permission) of a formally designated historic building will be eligible to apply for a grant to rehabilitate the exterior of the building.

2. Grants must have a minimum match of 50%. For example if the project costs are $2,000 the grant will be for no more than 50% of that amount or $1,000.

3. The building shall be primarily in commercial use or intended for commercial use. As long as the first floor of the building is primarily in commercial use, upstairs residential apartments and first floor apartments in compliance with the standard of the CBD zone are permitted and will not disqualify an application.

4. Only exterior projects are eligible, but exclude new construction, additions and roofing. Examples of eligible projects include repair and restoration of windows, doors, doorways, storefronts, entryways, paint, awnings, appropriate masonry cleaning and re-pointing, cornices, or other historic decorative details.

5. Projects must comply with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and the Enterprise Historic Preservation Ordinance. A copy of the Historic Preservation Ordinance and a summary of The Secretary’s standards are attached to this document. The complete standards are available at

6. Projects must comply with the Historic Preservation Ordinance, Chapter 8A of the Enterprise Land Use Ordinance.

How to apply

1. Submit 6 copies of a completed application including a copy of all the photographs, to Enterprise City Hall located at 108 NE 1st St. Enterprise OR 97828.

2. Submit three or more digital photographs, taken before the project is started to document the need for the project. Please provide a print of each photograph as well. Digital photos may be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “Before” photographs must be submitted with this application. Please see the application form for details.

3. Applicants or the applicant’s designated representative must attend the Historic Landmarks Commission meeting that is held after the application is submitted to make a short 5-minute presentation and answer questions.

Distribution of Grant Funds

1. When the approved project is completed, the work will be inspected by the City of Enterprise and if performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement, the City Administrator/Recorder can approve payment to the Grant recipient for the amount funded in the Grant Agreement.

2. Once the project is completed and inspected grant funds will be paid to the grant recipient providing the provisions in the Grant Agreement have been followed and, a completed Request for Disbursement and Closing Report is received along with the required supporting information. Supporting information includes such items as invoices, receipts and digital photographs showing the project work.

3. Reimbursement Requests, along with receipts, invoices and other information can be submitted in person or by regular mail to: Enterprise City Hall 108 NE 1st St. Enterprise OR 97828.

4. The City Administrator may refer any compliance issue to the Commission for discussion and resolution.

5. Unless specifically approved by the Commission as part of the grant approval process, no reimbursement will be made for project expenditures paid by the grantee prior to the date of grant approval by the Commission.

Limitations and Restrictions

1. Grant funds may be used only for materials, or labor and materials provided by an independent licensed and bonded contractor. Labor provided by the owner of the building cannot be counted as part of the owners matching contribution and cannot be paid by grant funds. Grant funds may not be used to purchase tools or equipment.

2. Before implementation of the project, all necessary building permits must be obtained. Projects that require review per the City of Enterprise Historic Preservation Ordinance must also submit the appropriate permit application and fees for approval to the Historic Landmarks Commission or city staff depending on the project.

3. If necessary, an inspection of your property by the City and or an HLC member will be made to understand the proposed work and determine eligibility.

4. Windows may not be replaced unless the replacement is constructed of like materials and duplicates the original window per the Secretary’s Standards.

5. Sandblasting and power washing are not allowable treatments, per the Secretary’s Standards.

6. Any contractor performing work on the project must provide proof that they are licensed and bonded.

7. A project sign identifying grant support must be displayed in a prominent location at each project site while project work is in progress. (The sign will be provided by the City of Enterprise.)

8. The city reserves the right to withhold any or all funding if the city finds that the project is not proceeding according to the project outline or is not following the Secretary’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

9. Granting period is 12 months from the date of award; extensions may be requested in writing but must be approved by the Historic Landmarks commission.

10. Grant funds may be regarded as taxable income by the IRS.

City of Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon

Application for Exterior Rehabilitation Matching Grant

For Locally Recognized Historic Buildings

Date ______________

1. Name of Building ___________________________________________________________________

Property Owner _______________________________________________________________________

Street Address of property ______________________________________________________________


2. Mailing Address of owner_____________________________________________________________

3. City_________________________________ State___________ ZIP___________________________

4. Phone Number____________________________ e-mail address______________________________

5. Applicant name (if different from owner) _________________________________________________

6. Mailing address of applicant ___________________________________________________________

(if different from owner)

7. City___________________________________State___________ZIP________________________

  1. £ Yes£ No

  1. £   R – 2 £   R – 3 £   CBD £   C – 1 £   C – 2 £   C - V £

H – 1 £   A – 1 £

11. Project Description: Attach an explanation of the proposed work in detail (two or three pages, please don’t use a font size smaller than 11) outlining how you plan to accomplish the work and provide a time table for the tasks. Provide a list of the materials to be used. If you are planning to paint the exterior, please attach paint samples for review.

Explain how this project will enhance the historical nature of, preserve, or rehabilitate the historic aspects of the structure.


12. If available please provide historical documentation to support your project: Old photos, evidence of previous paint colors, original moldings etc.

14. A “before” photograph must be submitted with this application. “After” photographs must be submitted before the final reimbursement can be authorized. Photos must be submitted both in print and digital format (on a CD compact disc or emailed). Photographs must be at a high enough resolution for high quality printing.

15. Project Budget: Attach documentation for costs such as contractor’s bids or a detailed estimate for materials and labor costs.

Labor                                  Material                          Purpose (i.e. window repair)    Estimated Cost

Total Project Cost

Grant Amount Requested __________________________ Matching Funds ______________________

The total of Grant Amount Requested and Matching Funds should equal Total Project Costs

I hereby certify that the above information is complete and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statement may result in denial of this application and I will follow the Historic Landmarks Commission requirements for review and permitting regarding all exterior alterations, modifications, repair or maintenance.

Applicant Name (Please print) _________________________________________________________________

Applicant Signature ______________________________________________________date________________

Property Owner Name if different (Please Print) ___________________________________________________

Property Owner’s Signature if different _______________________________________date _______________


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